Bet on Female Cyclo-cross at the 2021 Belgian National Championships

  • Sanne Cant lead the pack of top hopefuls to race in Meulebeke
  • The National Championships heavyweights in on course to claim an impressive 12th title
  • Alicia Franck poses the strongest threat to San Cant’s title-winning hopes
bet on female cyclo-cross

The Belgian National Cyclo-cross Championships will soon be underway with the nation’s top female cyclists battling it out for bragging rights. Without a doubt, Belgian cyclist will be looking to end Sanne Cant’s insane title-winning streak. However, she’s likely to prove unstoppable and as she’s currently the title frontrunner to bet on female cyclo-cross to win in Meulebeke. 

This time around, the Women’s Belgian National Cyclo-cross Championships will be live on 9 January 2021 in Meulebeke. Currently, Sanne Cant leads Belgian National Cyclo-cross Championships title race as the frontrunner to bet on female cyclo-cross.

Let’s see how Sanne Cant’s winning chances stand against the other promising title contenders on Unibet Sportsbook:

Cyclist Odds
Sanne Cant 1.22
Alicia Franck 7.00
Lotte Kopecky 11.00
Laura Verdonschot 11.00
Ellen van Loy 51.00

Bet on female cyclo-cross National Cyclo-cross Championships heavyweight Sanne Cant

Without a doubt, all eyes will be on reigning champion Sanne Cant as this year’s competition in Meulebeke. Since 2010, Cant has proved to be a menace and threat to her competitors according to the online sportsbook news in Belgium. This comes after Cant recorded 11 straight wins from 2010.

Consequently, fans, competitors and possibly Cant herself will question whether or not her unbeatable run will come to an end this year. Presently, her Unibet Sportsbook odds at 1.22 strongly suggest that a 12th straight victory is within reach.

As a result, Sanne Cant poses as a safe bet on female cyclo-cross for the 2021 National Cyclo-cross Championships win.

Alicia Franck looks to end Sanne Cant’s winning steak

This time around, Alicia Franck is among the top female cyclists competing at the Belgian National Cyclo-cross Championships. Furthermore, Franck will go in search of her first victory in the competition.

Previously in 2020, she recorded a sixth-place finish and now has her eyes firmly set on winning gold in Meulebeke. However, to achieve this, Franck will need to do what many previously deemed impossible by ending Sanne Cant’s unbeatable run.

Fortunately, her current position of winning on Unibet Sportsbook says this is an achievable goal. Consequently, you can bet on female cyclo-cross Alicia Franck to win this year’s National Championship with odds at 7.00.

bet on female cyclo-cross
Let’s cycle!

More contenders eyeing gold in Meulebeke

Presently, Lotte Kopecky is a definite must-see after winning the prestigious 2020 Flandrienne of the Year award. Furthermore, Lotte Kopecky is among the hopefuls with promising odds of winning gold at the 2021 National Cyclo-cross Championships.

Similarly to most of the 2021 contenders, Kopecky will also go in search for her first victory in the competition. Currently, she has promising Unibet Sportsbook odds at 11.00 to upset Sanne Cant for the 2021 Cyclo-cross Championship win.

In the same way, Laura Verdonschot (11.00) is another top contender predicted to end Sanne Cant’s instance winning streak. Previously, Verdonschot came close to achieving this after claiming silver at the National Cyclo-cross Championships in 2017 and 2020.

Now, Verdonschot will be looking to go one by claiming gold in Meulebeke. Lastly, Ellen van Loy completes the list of top hopefuls to bet on female cyclo-cross to win the Belgian National Championships.

Despite failing to record any victories in the competition, van Loy still has a record to be proud of. All in all, the promising title hopeful has claimed five silver and three bronze National Cyclo-cross Championship medals.

Presently, the odds of her upgrading to gold on the online sportsbooks in Belgium stand at 51.00.

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