Epic Movie Battle: Bet on Godzilla v Kong to Have a Winner

  • The movie will be premiered on March 26, 2021
  • Two monsters are going to decide who is the best
  • Who do you think will win the battle: Godzilla or Kong?
bet on Godzilla v Kong

The most epic movie of the year is coming soon. Godzilla v Kong premiere is scheduled for March 2021 without any further changes. So, it is time to decide who will rule the MonsterVerse after these two finally meet. Bet on Godzilla v Kong to define the winner.

Let’s start a debate regarding Godzilla v Kong. A MonsterVerse film will be out this spring but is already a hot topic among movie fans. Its official trailer has reached 35 million views just two days after the release, while the number of comments is growing up by the second.

An upcoming movie is of special interest not only due to being the first big premiere but also having two alphas in one movie. Godzilla meets King Kong and they decide who rules the world. What can be better than watching two legendary monsters fighting? Let’s predict who can be the winner and bet on Godzilla v Kong at online gambling sites in Japan.

Team Godzilla or Team Kong?

As it is clear from the movie name, Godzilla v Kong will show an epic battle between the two most popular monsters in movie history. Although plot details are kept as a secret, MonsterVerse fans and movie editions make predictions about the winner of the fight. Based on previous franchise movies (Godzilla, Godzilla: King Of Monsters, and Kong: Skull Island), we made our own research and revealed our favorite.


Let’s start with King Kong. As you know, Kong is a giant gorilla named the eighth wonder of the world. His first appearance on big screens took place in 1933 when Kong was a 24-feet monster with semi-human intelligence and great physical strength. During the next movie interpretations, Kong has significantly grown. In his last solo film released in 2017, Kong was a 104-feet tall “teenager”. According to the Godzilla v Kong trailer, the gorilla will be around 350 feet tall as his opponent is a 355-feet monster in the 2014 Godzilla movie.

bet on Godzilla v Kong
Let’s watch them fight!

Apart from height and physical strength, Kong is smart. As a human-like creature, he uses different weapons in the trailer and evaluates the danger level. Also, he is faster and way more maneuverable than Godzilla. Finally, the trailer shows the gorilla as a good guy (though we don’t know the full plot yet). All this may help Kong to win the battle both in the movie and at Betway Sportsbook.


Godzilla is not an easily beatable creature too. This 355-feet monster is an alpha in MonsterVerse following the plot of two previous films. As an Earth protector, Godzilla beat two giant MUTOs in the same-name movie of 2014 and defeated an alien King Ghidorah in the sequel. In the final, all giant creatures living on the planet bowed to Godzilla as the new king of monsters.

Kaiju has a signature weapon – an atomic heat beam generated inside its body. This is the main Godzilla’s trump in a sleeve – so, if you want to bet on Godzilla v Kong winner, take it into account. Besides nuclear power, Godzilla can swim and dive. 

In his previous movies, Godzilla was a protector like his next opponent King Kong. However, according to the Godzilla v Kong trailer, he is “hurting people and they don’t know why”. If Godzilla turns out to be a villain, he is likely to lose in the final.

Bet on Godzilla v Kong to introduce the third monster

If you still can’t choose your favorite, there is an alternative option. According to online sportsbooks in Japan, another monster can appear in the Godzilla v Kong movie. Legendary Pics may follow the steps of Batman vs Superman and make two favorite heroes unite against the third party. 

The main reason why such a scenario is possible is the Godzilla v Kong trailer. We can clearly see an unknown giant monster in the fourth second of the video. Although moviemakers tried to make it invisible, they kinda failed. Fans of MonsterVerse have already suggested that the red-eyed monster is Mechagodzilla – an extraterrestrial villain and eternal Godzilla’s rival. Mechagodzilla made its first appearance in 1974, so he is very likely to be used in the upcoming movie as the main villain. It would also explain why Godzilla is thought to harm people when he’s actually innocent. 

Considering all the movie theories, we’d suggest you bet on Godzilla v Kong to have two winners – kaiju and a giant gorilla. Do not miss the movie premiere on March 26, 2021!

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