Bet on Gold Cup 2017 – Can Costa Rica Win Gold Cup?

Gold Cup Trophy

Don’t forget to bet on Gold Cup 2017, the most important tournament in Central America, which happens to kick off later on this week!

Online betting news in the US are extremely excited because the US soccer team has yet another chance to win a trophy. The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the continental tournament that hosts the best teams in the Central American region. And the biggest favourites to win the trophy are Mexico and the USA.

However, none of them will have an easy job if they are to win CONCACAF Gold Cup 2017. Mexico is the absolute recorder, having been champions on 7 occasions. They are the current champions as well. They are followed by the USA who won 5 times, and Canada is the only other team who can call themselves Gold Cup champions – it happened only once, in 2000.

Will any other team finally live up to the level of the two giants and manage to beat them, or will it be another year with either Mexican or American triumph? Can Costa Rica win Gold Cup 2017? Will Canada march on towards the title? Let’s learn a bit more about the chances ahead of the upcoming football tournament. And let’s bet on Gold Cup 2017 for the best odds online!

Shall you bet on the underdogs?

If you want to give yourself the chance to make more money at online sportsbooks in the US, then the answer is obviously yes. The odds are always much higher for the underdogs and hence you could make much more money upon a successful bet. However, of course your chances are far worse than placing a safe bet on the favourites.

After all, it’s all up to you and your temper. If you want to bet on the underdogs, GamingZion recommends you to bet on Costa Rica to win Gold Cup 2017. They have the best chances to win at this point. They were quite convincing in the World Cup, they have a top class goalkeeper and they are one of the strongest teams in Central America. The odds for Costa Rica to win Gold Cup 2017 are 8.00 (7/1) at Bwin Sports.

Will Mexico win Gold Cup 2017?

However, if you would prefer the safer kind of bet, you should bet on Mexico, who are obviously the strongest teams in the tournament. They were doing rather well at FIFA Confederations cup 2017 as well, and they are likely to put out a top performance at Gold Cup 2017 again.

Their goal is to defend their championship title and they will do everything to achieve that. Will you bet on Mexico to win Gold Cup 2017? Go to Marathonbet, you can find the best odds for Mexico to win there: 2.39 (139/100). The odds for the USA to win Gold Cup 2017 are 3.75 (7/4) at Betway.

You might want to believe in any other teams, but online sportsbooks don’t think you should. Panama, Honduras, Jamaica and Canada are the following favourites after the top three, but you don’t even want to see their odds. And you don’t even want to think of their actual chances. Will Costa Rica win Gold Cup 2017? Bet on Gold Cup now!

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