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2017 Wimbledon betting

Wimbledon is perhaps the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and draws a massive audience around the globe, but in the UK the domestic broadcaster, the eminent BBC, finds itself trapped in the past as young viewers desert them for the internet. It might be great tennis but the whiff of pandering to the more rich in years and conservative of mind means you shouldn’t bet on Wimbledon winning them back anytime soon.

Wimbledon Men’s Outrights

• Milos Raonic – 18/1
• Marin Cilic – 16/1
• Andy Murray – 5/1
• Novak Djokovic – 9/2
• Rafael Nadal – 4/1
• Roger Federer – 2/1

The stereotypes and tropes of a British summer are as endless as the overcast skies and frequent rain showers that molest the nation, and no more so than on the oft touted ‘day at the seaside’ family excursion that typically takes the enthusiasm children everywhere have for the coast and pits it against gale force winds, ice cold water and beaches that are strewn with pebbles instead of sand. This means that disappointment is part and parcel of summer in the UK, and you can always bet on Wimbledon to assist.

The Championships, Wimbledon, have been running since 1877 and barring a few years skipped for obvious reasons has been a continual presence on the calendar. The All England Lawn Tennis And Croquet Club still today hosts one of the few tournaments that isn’t festooned with sponsor’s adverts and has retained the character and atmosphere of a bygone era that was probably best forgotten. A bet on Wimbledon might be super if you like to bet on sports in the UK but the attitude is vaguely disturbing.

Bet On Wimbledon At Bet365, Watch It On The BBC

It has been over half a century since Britain could even vaguely claim it ruled the waves, now oh so much more frequently merely waiving the rules, but you can bet on Wimbledon not to have noticed with the live coverage on the BBC attempting to mix hip cutting edge montages with the sort of to-camera presenting that puts one in mind of Harry Enfield and his comic character Mr Cholmondley Warner, poor Aunty Beeb having to placate its rapidly aging audience in this age of Netflix, Amazon and Youtube.

Federer tennis

Roger Federer is leading the betting odds to win Wimbledon this year with odds of 2/1 (photo:

Remaining on the cutting edge of television since its inception the BBC is currently a little adrift as it attempts to compete with these tax-dodging internet giants and whilst Director General Tony Hall has announced the corporation will be “reinvented for a new generation” with a thirty-four million pound investment program you can bet on Wimbledon not being involved in that hook-a-kid for life the Beeb is attempting within the UK gambling news coverage isn’t the only thing at which they can beat everyone else.

The Greatest Competition, The Oldest Mindset

Wimbledon Women’s Outrights

• Karolina Pliskova – 9/2
• Petra Kvitova – 9/2
• Johanna Konta – 12/1
• Jelena Ostapenko – 14/1
• Angelique Kerber – 14/1
• Venus Williams – 14/1
• Coco Vandeweghe – 16/1
• Garbine Muguruza – 16/1

Of course tech-savvy kids are as fickle and demanding an audience as you can imagine. Short attention spans, ease of access to alternatives and a need for mobility television still has inherent issues with, but you can bet on Wimbledon drawing an audience at home this year to whom mobility both physically and mentally is not a consideration. Pandering to this post-Brexit vote audience of fogies explains the underlying tone implying that Johnny Foreigner should be more polite and let the always “plucky” Brits win.

Sadly for the BBC audience in the men’s competition Brit Andy Murray gets barely a 5/1 shot of successfully defending his title in the opinion of Bet365, with Novak Djokovic at 9/2 and Rafael Nadal at 4/1 still way off favorite Roger Federer at a tempting 2/1. UK gambling laws might allow you to bet on Murray, doesn’t mean you should, and anyway if you’re going to bet on Wimbledon the women’s competition is far more interesting anyway with both Karolina Pilskova and Petra Kvitova on 9/2.

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