Bet on Hungarian Hockey League – DVTK v MAC Derby

MAC DVTK MOL Liga Betting

If you want to bet on Hungarian hockey league, now is the best time as the two best Hungarian hockey teams are about to face each other!

Online betting news in Hungary have been quite excited lately about the upcoming MOL Liga derby. Not without a merit: first placed MAC Budapest will be hosted by second placed DVTK Jegesmedvék hoki club. What makes this battle even more exciting and interesting is the fact that the two teams have collected the same amount of points so far – 43. Whichever will manage to seize victory, will take a slight advantage over the closest rival which could be of great importance in the end of the season.

Should I bet on MAC Budapest or DVTK Jegesmedvék is a better pick?

That’s quite a question! It’s not easy to explain and answer in just a few words but let me try it: I honestly have no clue. There are pros and cons by each teams and a derby of this kind is always completely unpredictable. Let me bring up a football metaphor: DVTK v MAC in MOL Liga is something similar to Real v Barca in La Liga, football.

You can check the previous form, how the best players have been performing and all those meaningless statistics as much as you want, in the end it all will be decided on the field – on ice in this case. DVTK will be tight favourites for the encounter as their odds are 2.18 (59/50), while those for the away side are 2.46 (73/50) at online sportsbooks in Hungary.

Újpest can profit the most this weekend

Újpest are coming third in MOL Liga and while they have no chance in taking over any of the teams, they have hopes of getting closer to both of them by the end of this week, or at least getting closer to just the second place. Currently, Újpest is 7 points behind DVTK and MAC. They will make a trip to Székesfehérvár in hopes of clinching all the available points against Fehérvári Titánok. Will they succeed?

They should be since they will be the favourites for that game. The Székesfehérvár-based team are currently in the 7th position in MOL Liga. Újpesti TE will be incredibly motivated to beat them and it should be more than enough. 1xBet Sportsbook’s odds for UTE are not so sure, however: the odds for Újpest to win are 2.12 (28/25) while those for Fehérvári Titánok are 2.49 (149/100) at the sports betting site.

Where can I bet on Hungarian hockey league?

As ice hockey in Hungary is not regarded as the most popular sport and to bet on Hungarian hockey league is definitely not among the top priorities of online bettors, it could be a rather difficult task to bet on MOL Liga. However, we all know that by today, thanks to all the technological improvements, we can basically bet on anything.

Online sportsbooks that are famous and very well known worldwide cannot allow the luxury of not offering the possibility to bet on Hungarian hockey league. Hence, online bettors can find the best odds for MOL Liga at sites like Bwin, PaddyPower, Ladbrokes or Sportsbet. In addition, you can of course also take advantage of the MOL Liga odds that you can find at 1xBet Sportsbook.

Would you like to share your opinion on MOL Liga betting with us? Do you have other ideas about the chances, or maybe you have another suggestion that you think might gain bettors some extra money? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below!

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