Bet on Ligue 1 Top Scorer: Cavani, Falcao, Fekir…Who is the Best?

Ligue 1 Top Scorers

Take a look at our suggestions on whom you should pick when it comes to placing a bet on Ligue 1 top scorer this season… There are quite a lot of promising candidates!

Online sportsbook news sites in France are living the dream this season: the French league is finally full of terrific football players. That is mostly because of the outstanding expenses that Qatar paid for the country’s national football team, Paris Saint-Germain. But they are not the only team with the best strikers in the world…

In fact, Monaco and Lyon can be at least as proud of their forwards so far this season. Ligue 1 has never been as strong and competitive as it is today and neutral football fans can win the most from this situation. But which team has the best strikers? And who should you choose when you bet on Ligue 1 top scorer? It’s definitely not an easy decision to make, so let’s see who is in the race…

Bet on PSG stars to score the most goals!

PSG spent almost half a billion Euros to build one of the most dreadful attacking tridente in the world: they already had Cavani, who is now supported by Neymar and 19-year old wonderkid, Kylian Mbappé. These three instantly went on top of the list at online sportsbook sites in France upon offering odds to bet on Ligue 1 top scorer.

We are at the first third of the championship and we can already see a pattern: Cavani won last season, scoring 35 goals in 36 games and he doesn’t seem to stop. He already has 13 goals after 12 match days and is first on the list. Neymar scored 7 times while Mbappé counts only 4. Well, he’s not a right winger…

Yet these guys are definitely worth a wager when it comes to placing a bet on Ligue 1 top scorer. Obviously Cavani is the bookie favourite with his 1.91 Bet365 Sportsbook odds for Ligue 1 top scorer. These for Neymar are 8.00 and the odds for Mbappé to be Ligue 1 top scorer are 51.00…

Should you pick Falcao when betting on Ligue 1 top scorers?

Another bookie-favourite pick is AS Monaco’s biggest star, Radamel Falcao. He finished only third last season, having netted 21 times on 29 occasions. However, he already has 13 this season and is eager to beat Cavani. The odds for Falcao to be the Ligue 1 top scorer are 2.75. Should you pick him when placing a bet on Ligue 1 top scorer?

Lyon’s strikers are even better than those of PSG!

Okay, not one-by-one, obviously. But yet, the Fekir – Mariano – Depay Tridente have put the ball into the net on 26 occasions. PSG’s most expensive attackers in the world have scored 2 less. Fekir is currently third among Ligue 1 top scorers with 11 goals, and Mariano is 4th with 9. But they are not counted among the favourites…

The odds for Fekir to be Ligue 1 top scorer are 13.00 in the online sportsbook directory, while the odds for Mariano are 21.00. When placing a bet on Ligue 1 top scorer, you cannot forget about these two guys. And while sportsbooks don’t expect much from them, if they are to continue this way, they might be thereabouts. And their odds are quite outstanding…

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