Place Your Bet On The Next Democratic Nominee And Beat The Odds

Bet on the Next Democratic Nominee

Get your thinking caps on, boys and girls, and prepare for an exciting year. Had enough of the bad news about yet another Republican making life harder? Can’t stand the powers that be having such a stranglehold over you while you’re sitting there helpless and alone? Ease the frustration with a bet on the next Democratic nominee!

Be sad no more. The team at Paddy Power Sportsbook is here to save the day. What’s all this about, you ask? Well, the next U.S. presidential race is set to kick off next year with a bang, and though we still have Christmas and Thanksgiving to contend with, it can’t hurt to take a look at the odds, especially where Democratic nominees are concerned.

The best odds to choose from for a bet on the next democratic nominee

Bet on the next Democratic Nominee

If your hopes rest on the Democrats, you should definitely check out at least some of these illustrious members. We’ve found that it definitely comes in handy during that pesky dinner conversation of, “but who could the next Democratic nominee be, and what are the odds of said democratic nominee grabbing that seat in the White House?” And because we at Gamingzion care about you and your welfare, we will even provide the odds. So let’s have a look.


Will it be Bernie Sanders, whose odds are at 10/1? Or, perhaps we should choose someone much younger, who has proven his skills in bringing the world together via social media, the often vilified yet extremely capable Mark Zuckerberg, favored at 12/1?


Or perhaps a politician should win, but someone from a more colorful state? In which case Democratic nominee Cory Booker is your man. With odds of 10/1 Booker is well above Hillary Clinton, who’s favored at 25/1, yet still behind Michelle Obama who, although she has made it very clear that she would not run, is still favored at 9/1.

Female nominees – what are the odds

Bet on the next Democratic Nominee

In fact – and much to our great delight – women are very much at the forefront when it comes to a bet on the next democratic nominee. Elizabeth Warren is a very safe bet, favored at 6/1. And yet, if you really want to hit it out of the ball park, betting odds predict that Kamala Harris is the one person on whom you should hedge your bets, favored at 5/1.


So, come have some fun with us, place a few bets with your colleagues and friends and see who got it right, who got it somewhat wrong, and who hit it completely out of the ball park. And if you or someone you know is feeling a bit shy because you don’t quite understand how the betting system works, our friends at Paddy Power Sportsbook are here to help you in that respect as well.

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