New Australian Gambling Laws on Advertisement Prohibition

new Australian gambling laws

Australia makes big steps towards reducing problem gambling issues and ensuring proper and stable regulation of its gambling industry. Commercial Radio Australia, the national industry body, is going to provide a draft of new Australian gambling laws, relating to gambling and betting odds advertisement.

The specific idea of this amendment is to regulate the time of TV advertisements. As it’s provided in the proposal of Commercial Radio Australia, gambling ads should be prohibited between 5 a.m. and 8.30 p.m. before and after 5 minutes of any live sports event. Ideally, this addition to the new Australian gambling laws should help to solve gambling addiction problems, which are taking more and more victims among Australian population.

New Australian gambling laws: Summary

Except the above-mentioned time, gambling and betting odds advertisement is only allowed during breaks. This fact reflects the freedom for advertisers to provide their products while keeping the rights of their customers. The draft of the amendment will be provided to the public and people can submit their suggestions December 15, 2017.

New Australian Gambling Laws 2017

Auspiciously, if approved by the public and with any suggested changes, final draft about gambling ads will be implemented in the existing framework by the end of March, 2018. The public can send any comments and suggestions to the regulator in order to add them to the draft.

Gambling Addiction Issues in Australia

New Australian Gambling Laws 2017

For the record, Commercial Radio Australia is a national industry body which reflects the interests of Australian broadcasters. It offers an advocacy regarding different kinds of topics related to broadcasting community, which has a huge influence in the development of national framework. As a first move toward regulated gambling, the full Commercial Radio Code of Practice went through a detailed in-depth revision and the renewed Code was registered in March.

While Australia is considered as the country, whose population prefers healthy and athletic lifestyle, gambling addiction is becoming one of its first and foremost problems. Naturally, that gambling and betting odds advertisement is responsible seen among the major reasons of gambling addiction problem in the country.. This is why the Australian government is trying their best to reduce gambling ads at the time when the most population is sitting in front of their TV screens.

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