Bet On LPL All-Star: Who Will Be the Chinese Solo-King in 2019?


Posted: November 25, 2019

Updated: November 25, 2019

  • LoL Pro League All-Stars Matches are for increase the players' popularity in their counties
  • Odds indicate TheShy will be the Solo-King in 2019
  • Even more, we expect he will lead Invictus Gaming to victory
Author: Bruce Liu [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The League of Legends Community is buzzing about the LoL Pro League All-Star matches in China. You can bet on LPL All-star at several gambling sites. Predictions picture that Invictus Gaming will be the winning team and TheShy will be the “Solo-King”.

There are plenty of online sportsbooks in South Korea which specialized in eSports. Don’t miss the big opportunity to earn money while you are rooting for your favorite team or gamer. If you bet on LPL All-Star, you can both wager on the most successful Leauge of Legends club, and on the most outstanding player. The qualifications first part is based on the votes of the community. Later on, these teams will face each other in short match-series to find out: Who will be the All-Star of the Pro League, in 2019.

All-star game series is all about the Fame

These games will find out who will be the Chinese All-Stars. Later on, these champions will face the other All-star teams from other areas. These events are not outstanding because of the high prize-pools. These happenings are more like to increase your popularity in your own country. So you should bet on LPL All-Star to be your favorite team, even if,  they don’t have the most promising statistics.

The Solo-King qualifying also takes place under these event series. So, this time, the volume isn’t on the teamwork. Players will try to reach the best stats they can to improve their “personal cult”.

Probably we missed from our latest review about 22bet that they are offering the most popular eSport wagers on the internet. There are plenty of other gamer-specialized pages, but 22bet is the most trustworthy and they have the highest multipliers. If you interested in another Leauge of Legends ventures take a glimpse at our 2020 LoL World Championship betting predictions.

Statistics indicate that Invictus Gaming will be the shoo-in team.

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Team Invictus Gaming Author: Peter Rist [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The short odds pictures exciting matches. However, you should bet on LPL All-star to won by Invictus Gaming in 2019. They have always been a strong team but in the past years with the lead of TheShy they became bigger than ever. Their odds at 22bet are not too low but based on their previous games they are the most promising club.

If you Bet on LPL All-star Solo-King, we advise you to choose TheShy

Based on the statistics, and the way how TheShy tricks their enemies, he will be the Solo-King in 2019, just like last time. He is probably the best Top-laner around the globe. It is unnecessary to waste any other words on why is he the favorite of the audience. He is the king of outplays. His odds at 22bet to beat DoinB are 1.6.

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