Bet on Rising Hollywood Stars. Part 2

  • Here are the other 5 celebrities, whose popularity is growing day by day
  • All rising stars are involved in interesting projects, which you can bet on
  • You can find the first part of the best young actors’ list at GamingZion
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An actress from Deadpool 2 and Joker is on the list too
Image source: Flickr.com

There are too many good new actors and actresses to make just one list of them. Here is another top of the best up and coming celebrities worth your attention. Don’t forget to bet on rising Hollywood stars and read our first part, which can be found at GamingZion.

Recently, you might have read about the best rising Hollywood stars. If you didn’t find your favorite young actor or actress, make sure to check their names below. So, here are the other five talented celebs who are going to shine bright in the future.

Bet on rising Hollywood stars: Josh O’Connor from The Crown

bet on rising Hollywood stars, best new actors, celebrity betting odds, 1xbet sportsbook
Josh O’Connor in Odesa, Ukraine [Andriy Makukha (Amakuha) / CC BY-SA]
Besides Anya Taylor-Joy from part 1, Josh O’Connor is another up and coming actor starring in Emma. The filmography of this 29-years-old British isn’t big, but full of excellent pictures. He played his first big-screen role in 2015 Cinderella, however, Josh was just an extra for Lily James and Richard Madden. Then he worked with Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins and played Marius in Les Miserables’s recent TV series. O’Connor received the biggest appraisal for his portrayal of Prince Charles in The Crown season 3. His acting and physical appearance were unbelievably convincing and helped the series to win the SAG award for Best Cast. By the way, you can bet on real Charles to play himself in the next seasons of The Crown. 1xBet Sportsbook gives 81.00 odds on this dream to come true, while Meghan Markle’s odds to play herself are 2.00, which is simply amazing!

Zazie Beetz: from short films to Joker

When moving from Germany to the US at the age of 8, Zazie Beetz could hardly imagine that she would be one of the most promising actresses. This 28-years old star started her career in short films and finished with an Oscar-winning picture. Her most popular role so far is Sophie, Joker’s neighbor in the same-name movie. Yet Zazie got a supporting role, she didn’t get lost while playing with Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Academy Award for his acting. However, the film was nominated not only for the best awards, but also for “anti-Oscars”. Joker has the highest chance to win one of the 2020 Razzies nominations for many reasons. You can learn about them here.

Besides Joker, Zazie Beetz played in another R-rated comics film, Deadpool 2, and various TV series. Her roles in Atlanta and The Twilight Zone are especially good, so don’t miss the chance to watch them as well as bet on Atlanta’s season 3.

Is Ana De Armas next Monica Belucci?

bet on rising Hollywood stars, best new actors, celebrity betting odds, 1xbet sportsbook
She will star as a Bond girl and Marylin Monroe soon [Eric Longden / CC BY]
Ana De Armas is one of the most recognizable new celebs nowadays. This Cuban-Spanish actress debuted in Hollywood in 2016 and quickly turned into the fastest rising star. She starred in War Dogs as Iz and in Blade Runner 2049 as Joi, but these roles were supportive. Then she played in Knives Out – one of the best pictures in 2019 – and in the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die. The first lead role of this talented actress will be Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Blonde. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? 

Film fans often call De Armas “the next Monica Belucci or Angelina Jolie” for an amazing combination of her classic beauty and acting skills. Will she become the next Hollywood top actress or not, time will show.

Bet on rising Hollywood stars: Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort, a 25-years-old American actor, advanced to a Golden Globe nominee from a supporting actor in just 4 years. At the beginning of his career, Ansel was playing mostly minor characters like Tommy in Carrie or Caleb in the Divergent series. However, his talent quickly outgrew supportive roles. Elgort was invited to star in a lead role in Baby Driver, which brought him the first-ever Golden Globe nomination. Yet his filmography counts only a dozen pictures, you will not forget this actor if you see sim at least in one of them. Also, Ansel Elgort can easily get an Oscars nomination soon, so you better bet on rising Hollywood stars like him when the time comes.

A 2019 major breakthrough: Florence Pugh

bet on rising Hollywood stars, best new actors, celebrity betting odds, 1xbet sportsbook
Florence Pugh is one of the best new actresses [Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA]
A 24-years-old Florence Pugh is literally the main breakthrough of the year. Two films with this English actress were out in 2019 and both received positive reviews for her performances in particular. The first was Midsommar, a horror movie that “should have been nominated for the Oscars”, according to many critics. Pugh played the lead role of Dani, which brought her several awards nominations, including Gotham IFA.

Another film that brought her recognition was Little Women. Florence was praised equally to Saoirse Ronan, who played the lead role, and got an Oscar nomination for the Best Supporting Actress. Unfortunately, she lost to Laura Dern, but there couldn’t be a better start for a new actress. We will see Pugh playing with Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow very soon. By that time, you can bet on a solo film about Natasha Romanoff at online gambling sites in the US.

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