Bet on Quadrilateral to Win Both the 1000 Guineas and the Epson Oaks


Posted: March 5, 2020

Updated: March 9, 2020

  • The most promising competitor in the 2020 season is Quadrilateral
  • Place your ante-post bets before it's too late
Image source: Nadaraikon / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Based on the betting odds Quadrilateral is going to dominate this year’s three-year-old flat horserace season. Therefore, if you place an ante-post bet on Quadrilateral, you can expect a neat income without significant risk-taking. Her odds are between 6/1 and 8/1 to win at the different tracks. By the way, if you head special betting, you can also wager on that this outstanding equine will win all of the races of the Fillies’ Triple Crown. At the 22BET Sportsbook, the odds on this occasion is around 25/1. Bet before the Ante-post period closes and the odds will fall drastically!

Last year, Quadrilateral participated in all the main-season races for two-year-old horses. Her permanent jockey is  Jason Watson, the young British talent. Their performance yesteryear pictures a promising future for them. They are still unbeaten, therefore, bettors and online sportsbooks in the UK expect her flawless victory in the three-year-old season. However, what makes her especially the favorite of the British horse racing community is that her sire is the legendary Frankel. In 2019, she entered the Newbury Racecourse as a maiden but now, she is known as one of the most promising fillies in Great Britan.

Her trainer’s, Roger Jr. Charlton’s statement also indicates that the ’19 season was just the tip of the iceberg:  “She kept responding and I thought she did really well to get there. She fought like a good’un and handled the track, it was a great effort really… that was a proper test and she did it 100%.”

It can be rewarding to bet on Quadrilateral this season

As you can see in the table below all her odds are super-tall at the 22BET Sportsbook. But wait a moment! We are still in the Ante-post betting period. Compared to the other competitors, Quadrilateral has way impressive possibilities to win. If you bet on Quadrilateral you say yes to the big money but no to the unnecessary risk-taking. Based on our 1000 Guineas 2020 Predictions and on the 2020 Oaks Odds, the other equines don’t have any chance. Thus, here comes our third highlighted wager. You can expect 25/1 odds on Quadrilateral to win both of the mentioned races. If you are not afraid of a bit venture you can’t miss placing the following:

Betting odds on Quadrilateral at the 22BET Sportsbook
To win the 1000 Guineas 5/1
To win the Epson Oaks 8/1
To win both the 1000 Guineas and the Epson Oaks 25/1

In summary, we can see an emerging legend. Quadrilateral didn’t just win, she won wit 8 lengths. She can keep the pace even if the other riders are aggressive. Based on the online sportsbooks news in the UK she is already a legend. Still, her progression is an even more important thing to pay attention to. If you are thinking about to bet on Quadrilateral, don’t hold your horses. Probably this is the wager of the year.

Bet on Quadrilateral
A picture of Quadrilateral – Image source: Flickr

Are there any other fillies who worth a bet over Quadrilateral?

What makes our favored horse extraordinary is that she isn’t just a great sprinter but she can keep the pace over the longest tracks. While most of the yearlings are only good at long or short distances, Quadrilateral dominated all the racecourses.

By the way, I would like to mention two other outstanding fillies. Albigna as a great sprinter in the three-year-old scene and Love as a fantastic pace-keeper. As you can see below in the table, their odds to win are huge. However, they are the only options over Quadrilateral.

Betting odds at the 22BET Sportsbook
Albigna to win the 1000 Guineas 10/1
Love to win the Epson Oaks 14/1

Betting tips for the 2020 Fillies’ Triple Crown runs

We all know, one bet is never enough if you want to go for sure. Online gambling sites in the UK make sure that always the house wins, however, if you are one step ahead, you can play wagers which together prevent you from going into minus. If you place all the listed bets in the article, you can be sure that you and your balance will have a wonderful time this Spring and early Summer.

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