Bet on Serena Williams to Retire in 2020

  • Bookmakers expect Serena Williams’ retirement in 2020
  • The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion is tipped to fail the majors
bet on Serena Williams to retire
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Serena Williams suffered two years of serious setbacks, following the birth of her daughter. Such an unprecedented situation led the sports critics to believe the WTA legend is on her way to bow out of tennis. Triggered by the buzz, the bookmakers started accepting a bet on Serena Williams to retire as early as next season. How accurate are those predictions?

The 23-time Grand Slam champion is a force on and off the court. In recent years she has become successful in many different ventures including the fashion industry. While her demand as a businesswoman grows, her uncanny dominance in sports declines. The second year in a row she goes without any silverware and closes out her season at the U.S. Open. Several online sportsbook sites in the US presume Serena has begun a gradual walk toward the final phase of her tennis career. Will the upcoming season end up as her curtain call?

Bet on Serena Williams to Retire
To officially retire in 2020 2.25
To win zero Grand Slams singles in 2020 1.42
To win a Grand Slam in 2020 2.65

Restoring the WTA equilibrium?

Serena Williams has many achievements on her account to identify her as a tennis legend. She has been in the game as a high roller since she was 14 years old. With 23 Grand Slam singles titles and 14 Grand Slam doubles trophies, she is unmatched among her generation of players. The younger ones, however, may close in on her rather sooner than later.

At this point, Serena’s fellow players question her level of preparation for the Australian Open amid her lack of matches. She used to always be a frontrunner at the tournaments, but now 1xBET Sportsbook tipsters project a retirement market.

Williams recently hit online sportsbook news in the US in the view of regular speculation over when she will call it quits. The age aside, Serena has been suffering a subtle descent from dominance after the 2015 U.S. Open. She was close to securing the fourth major in a year but failed in semifinals. She started playing fewer matches each year with the number of titles going down as well.

bet on Serena Williams to retire
Serena Williams in ’13 – Image source: Edwin Martinez from The Bronx / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

This past season she played just 31 matches which are barely more than four complete Grand Slams. While the 38-year-old tennis ace boasts the ability to blow rivals off the court, the younger brigade sees no intimidation in her. The leading players like Ashley Barty, Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber, and Bianca Andreescu have managed to outpace her. Some of them saw her out of the majors and that gave them a sense of power.

What are Serena’s chances at Grand Slams in 2020?

As it is mentioned, the Florida native hasn’t played many matches in recent years, having her focus on the majors. The reduced schedule is a common practice among the players over 30 and proves to be effective for ATP leaders. In Serena’s case, it takes a toll on her performances as it affects her level of preparation. She reaches the final rounds of the majors but fails to tie them.

Judging by the 1.42 odds rate at 1xbet, bookies don’t see her improving that result in the upcoming season. Williams has lost her past four Slam finals and six in the last four years. She lost the other four across the preceding 17 years. Yet Serena is still in the hunt for the all-time Grand Slam singles record. She is one trophy shy of Margaret Court’s mark of 24 majors. With the younger generation coming through, Williams will have a serious challenge in almost every round.

Should you bet on Serena Williams to retire in 2020?

At the age of 38, Serena is living in a new phase of life. The Serena who won the Australian Open along with her daughter and the one who returned a year later are different people. Enduring a life-threatening situation has only challenged her naturally strong and competitive personality.

Was her comeback rushed and emotional? Probably, but that’s who Serena is. You push her and she pushes back harder. She dives in with all the passion and pent-up aggression to claim the victory her inner athlete strives. Currently, she is trading at the odds of 2.65 for a Grand Slam victory in 2020. Betting-wise that market is the best choice.

Regardless of her recent results, you could say she has unfinished business on the court. That can be the record-tying 24th Grand Slam trophy or the record-breaking 25th one, may as well be two more. One thing is clear, the spark is still there, and the battle lies ahead. She belongs to the generation of players who are physically endurable and mentally stronger. Her bouncebackability hasn’t been tested this hard before but writing a 23-time Grand Slam champion off so easy is inadequate. If you intend to bet on Serena Williams to retire, make sure to check our latest review about 1xBET Sportsbook.

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