Bet on Tennis in France: Djokovic to Win French Open 2017?

French Open 2017 Betting Offers

Those who want to bet on tennis in France will definitely enjoy the upcoming tournament, even though the fact that certain big stars are missing French Open 2017.

Online betting news in France were quite disappointed upon Roger Federer announced that he will not participate in the 2017 French Open tournament. While the biggest tennis legend alive will surely be missed, we will not be in lack of world class tennis players: Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka and many others will be there to entertain us with their skills.

Of course they are the biggest names and they will have the best chances to win French Open 2017. Rafa Nadal stands out of them all with his 1.80 (4/5) outright winner odds for French Open 2017. Andy Murray’s 10.00 (9/1) odds to win French Open 2017 are also quite tempting, and you can find even better outright winner odds if you believe in one of the underdogs.

Djokovic to win French Open 2017 thanks to his new training staff?

Novak Djokovic is the most radical tennis player when it comes to switching coaches. He fired every single member of his former training team a while ago and contacted tennis legend Andre Agassi. The 47-year-old agreed to train him for the tournament. And a legendary “couple” like Djokovic and Agassi doesn’t sound bad at all…

Does that mean that those who want to join online sportsbooks and place a bet on tennis in France should bet on Djokovic to win French Open 2017? Maybe. He is the current title holder anyways and the Serbian crack plans on keeping his trophy. He won’t have an easy task doing so, but the absence of Roger Federer will definitely good news for those who hope for Djokovic to win French Open 2017.

Based on the tennis betting odds for Djokovic winning French Open 2017, we can assume that the Serbian does have quite a chance to win the gold medal this year as well as last year. You can find the best odds for Djokovic in France at Bet365: here you can bet on the tennis player to win the cup for 4.00 (3/1) odds!

Check out the best sites to bet on tennis in France!

Bwin is definitely one of the best sites to bet on tennis in France! Celebrating the French Open tournament, they just launched an awesome tennis betting tournament, in which they are giving away a total of €500,000 in cash prizes. Bet on tennis matches and earn points to top the leadership. Doing so will reward you with cool cash rewards or special giveaway prizes. For example, you can win tickets to tennis matches!

What to do if you can’t see the Bwin Tennis Challenge at the main page?
Well, you might need to go the extra mile and use proxy to see it. Unfortunately the Bwin Tennis challenge is available only in the following countries: the UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark. So only players from any of these countries are entitled to participate in the tennis promotion at Bwin..

Another one of the best online sportsbooks in France is Bet365, where you can also find great betting markets as well as awesome tennis betting promotions. Bet365 is special because you can watch tennis matches online thanks to their terrific live streaming system. In addition, you can also get some extra cash if you take advantage of their accumulator bonus. Don’t miss out!

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