Bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship Games with Intertops Sportsbook!

bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship games

With the next college football season set to begin in August, now is the perfect time to bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship games.

These days, many football fans are actually more excited to watch college football than the NFL. Both are extremely entertaining, but for some, nothing is better than watching the best young players from around the country try to prove their worth on the field.

The 2017 NCAAF season is set to begin on August 26th, and there are already a wide range of different bets available for members of Intertops Sportsbook. We already covered the odds for the outright national championship winner, but in this article we’ll take a look at the odds for the individual championship games.

Bet on the 2017 ACC Championship game winner

The ACC Championship, or Atlantic Coast Conference, is a highly anticipated game this year. Many of the best teams from the Eastern side of the US will be vying for their championship trophy, and even the best college football betting experts are having a hard time predicting who wins in 2017.

College football champions

Florida State are listed as the ACC Championship game favorites this year (photo:

At the top of the odds are Florida State. The Seminoles last won this conference title in 2014, but are always near the top of the rankings and seem poised to get the win in 2017. Florida State’s odds to win the ACC title are set at 2.00. The Clemson Tigers are the reigning champions, and are listed as a 2017 ACC Championship betting favorite now with odds of 5.00.

Bet on the 2017 Big 10 Championship game winner

The Big 10 Championship game will be taking place on December 10th this year. Some fans feel this is the best option to bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship games, as there are a few underdogs with a real shot at pulling off the upset.

Many online sportsbooks in the US are listing Wisconsin as a great pick. They have odds of just 6.00 despite being one of the most consistently successful teams in the NCAAF. If you’re feeling really lucky, consider betting on Nebraska who hold current odds of 21.00.

Bet on the 2017 Pac-12 Championship game winner

2017 Pac-12 Championship winner betting odds

  • USC: 2.00
  • Washington: 3.75
  • UCLA: 11.00
  • Stanford: 11.00
  • Oregon: 13.00

The Pac-12 Conference consists of teams from the Western US, and is nicknamed the “Conference of Champions,” as this conference has more national title winners of any other. If you want to bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship games, you have to see the odds set by Intertops Sportsbook for the Pac-12 winner.

USC is the clear favorite heading into this season. They’re one of the most successful teams of all time in the NCAAF with 38 conference wins to their credit, and have odds of 2.00 to win this year. Stanford is a great 2017 Pac-12 Championship betting option to make US gambling news with odds of 11.00.

Bet on the SEC Championship game winner

The last option we’ll look at to bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship games is on which team in the Southeast manages to win the SEC Championship. This part of the country might have the most passionate fans in the entire country.

Bet on Crimson Tide

Alabama dominated in the SEC Championship game last year over Florida (photo:

Alabama is the biggest favorite of any NCAAF Championship team in college football with odds of 1.50. Crimson Tide has 26 SEC titles to their name and dominated the championship last game in a win over Florida. LSU holds the second highest odds at 7.50.

If you want to bet on the 2017 NCAAF Championship games this year, make sure to head to Intertops Sportsbook. Here you’ll find odds for both outright winners and all the weekly games of the season!

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