You Can Bet On Beach Volleyball To Draw A Crowd And Cash

Posted: July 26, 2017

Updated: June 22, 2023

There is something a little creepy about just how hospitable and polite the Austrians are to the hoards of tourists that yearly invade their nation to slouch around their cities and enjoy the world famous skiing opportunities, but this week it’s not the powdery soft snow that will be drawing the crowds, and whilst you might not bet on Beach Volleyball being entirely apt for a landlocked mountainous nation that doesn’t mean they’re not holding the World Championships in Vienna.

Beach Volleyball World Championships

  • Vienna, Austria
  • 28th July – Aug 6th
  • 30 Nations
  • 96 Teams
  • 192 Players

With big sponsors like A1 continuing to bet on beach volleyball being the next big thing there’s always the chance that this sport might just fall victim to the control of the bean counters rather than the enthusiasts that began it’s rise from holiday alternative to fully fledged Olympic Sport. Certainly some would say the hosting of the World Championships in a land-locked country known for snow and mountains is a bit of an odd choice for a beach sport, even if the Austrians will give it a grandiose spin. “The anticipation is great.” Hannes Jagerhofer assured the media on the safe bet on beach volleyball not having hosted a press conference in such splendor as at the Viennese Spanish Riding School. “To bring the World Champs to Austria has been a long-time dream of ours and we are looking forward to making this a reality. I am convinced that Vienna will set new standards in every way.” He could well be right and it does mean you can bet on sports in Austria for once without involving cars or skis.


“To bring the World Champs to Austria has been a long-time dream of ours”


Beach Volleyball Still Bringing In Fans And Sponsors

Men’s Betting Odds

Brouwer & Meeuwsen – 17/1
Morais Filho & Barbosa Santos – 14/1
Losiak & Kantor – 12/1
Solberg & Carvalhaes – 5/1
Dalhausser & Lucena – 9/2
Alison & Bruno Schmidt – 7/2

Staged on an island on the Danube between the Floridsdorfer and Brigttenauer bridges the Austrians are building on their experience of 2001 in Klagenfurt, and you can bet on beach volleyball fans to enjoy the Viennese love for public exercise, eating sausages and mainlining sugar in all its forms. If you can fight your way through the hoards of joggers, avoid the Klimt t-shirt salesmen and steer clear of the tourist crowds it should be an amazing event, if only because, well, y’know, it’s beach volleyball. A bet on beach volleyball being a commercial success is hardly the most risky of prospects, athletic types bouncing about in little clothing is always a sure fire winner, and any Austrian gambling laws of advertising attraction to such visually stimulating sportsmen and women isn’t the reason the event has sponsors like Swatch and Red Bull, Canon and McDonalds should probably cut down on the sausages because you can bet on beach volleyball to continue to rise in both popularity and economic value.


Sites Like Bet365 Let You Bet On Beach Volleyball From Home

Women’s Betting Odds

Laboureur & Sude – 12/1
Walsh Jennings & Branagh – 10/1
Ludwig & Walkenhorst – 10/1
Bednarczuk & Santos Lisboa – 7/1
Pavan & Humana-Paredes – 9/2
Maestrini & Rocha Antunes – 13/5

Naturally if you want to get some economic value out of the World Champs then you’ll have to check out the odds online at bookies akin to Bet365 where the women’s competition is wide open with the most sensible bet on beach volleyball being Maestrini and Da Rocha Antunes who cop a favorable 13/5 to come out of this a winner ahead of the 9/2 chance given to Pavan and Humana-Paredes. You could back Bednarczuk and Santos Lisboa at 7/1 too but I’m not sure they’ll go the distance this time round.


In the men’s competition your best bet on beach volleyball is probably Alison and Bruno Schmidt, they’re getting 7/2 at sites like Bet365, whilst big rivals Dalhausser and Lucena are back at 9/2 with Solber and Caralhaes on 5/1 if you’re quick about it. Sure, no one in Austria gambling news coverage on Monday will be of them winning is really very sensible but if you can find a finalists book you could just be tempted into a bet on beach volleyball that involves Losiak and Kantor. I know I am.

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