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Bet On The Electric Flying Car Series

Last summer, Alauda made history by making the first flight with the Airspeeder Mk3, the first electric flying racing car. It has a cockpit, so people can sit inside and drive them themselves. For now, they have tested the eVTOL vehicle via remote control, but many companies want to organize competitions and even start air transport services within a few years. The first three championships may take place this year so let’s see how to bet on the electric flying car series!

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The Road to Flying Cars

Technology has to keep up with the changes in the world, so it is not surprising that this is also true for transportation. Due to the rapidly increasing climate change, many alternative tools are available today, but the future holds even more incredible innovations. We have all toyed with the idea of flying cars in the past. However, this car is by no means so far-fetched, as they are already planning to put flying vehicles on the market, and the first test races were also held.

The eVTOL aircraft are electrical structures that can take off and land vertically from a standing position. Thre professional drone pilots, Fabio Tischler, Zephatali “Zeph” Walsch and Jonathan Routley tested the flying cars. They are built from carbon fiber composite, weigh 100 kilograms, and can reach a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. This innovation puts Alauda among the car industry’s bests like Ferrari, Alcock, Benz, etc. Think about it! Perhaps there will be nothing shocking about flying cars on the streets a few years from now!

Bet on the Electric Flying Car Series – Safety First

The sensational first flights happened in the South Australian desert under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, CASA’s supervision. Throughout the developing process, the Alauda team collaborated with the aviation authority to ensure that all necessary procedures met strict safety protocols. The successful flights also mean that the Airspeeder Championship could happen in 2022. For the first time, pilots would direct the electric flying cars by remote controls.

They said to announce the exact location of the international races soon! These competitions would be for the best pilots, who have some sort of motorsport or eSport experience, but only to use the remote control for now. Testing is still underway. According to 22Bet Sportsbook, the first series of races in which pilots can measure their skills while sitting in the vehicle might occur this year or the next. You still have time to learn how to bet on the electric flying car series! The plan is that fans can follow the competitions and innovations via digital broadcasts. 

Limitless Opportunities in Technology

These competitions are sure to accelerate the appearance of more aerial vehicles because this technology already offers constructive solutions in air logistics and medical care, and also contributes to making the air cleaner. Due to the enormous potential, Morgan Stanley predicts a profit of 1 trillion dollars for the sector by 2040 if everything continues the way it is now. 

By creating the world’s first racing series for electric flying cars, Alauda has started and led the technological revolution. All the while paying attention to the development of eVTOL transportation technologies. There is money in this industry, without a doubt, but whether it will become reality or a dream is still questionable. However, the innovation is indeed incredible. 

Bet on the Electric Flying Car Series

Since this idea will most likely be worth a lot of money, betting on the electric flying car series will presumably do the same for bettors. These days you have plenty of opportunities to invest, which seems like a great way to make money with little effort. The good news is that, according to online sportsbook sites in the UKwe will be able to watch it anywhere in the world. 

Exa is the Airspeeder’s first racing series, where up to four pairs of pilots per team can compete at three different locations in the near future. It is also rare that live broadcasts will be available on online platforms and betting sites. It will satisfy the fans, bettors, and organizers too, so it will provide a full streaming experience. 

During the competitions, it will be possible, for example, to contact and talk directly with the content producers. It is another innovation they have come up with. The pre-season will be announced soon. During that, two test teams can compare their skills in various technical, speed, and strategical competitions. After that, they will invite pro teams to start the official season.

What the Competition will Look Like

Each race will have short pit stops to make the race even more exciting and similar to traditional motorsport races. To make it easier, the engineers at Alauda developed an innovative system that enables the quick replacement of batteries. The expected time of stops is the same as the usual 20 seconds for other motorsports. However, they expect it to decrease even further in the future. As you can see, the future is not as far as we have thought. 

Matt Pearson, the founder of Airspeeder and Alauda, is satisfied and proud to have made history by creating the world’s first flying car and arranging the first race series in this category. According to 22Bet Sportsbook, he claimed that EXA, the vehicles previously only seen in sci-fi scenes, hold the promise of the future, and the new sport might define the cooperation between humans and machines. Who knows? Maybe the sci-fi movies will become reality in the not too distant future!

Until Then …

During flights, robots, aka aviators, will travel in the cockpit of the Mk3. Those are designed to represent human pilots as accurately as possible. This way, engineers can collect important information about the effects of high-speed racing and cornering on the human body. These also help to ensure that they can safely organize competitions with real pilots controlling the flying cars as soon as possible! You can read about the use of robotics in other sports as well!

The Airspeeder will likely attract competitors from all walks of life to improve their pilot skills. For example, eSports might offer simulators that anyone could try anywhere in the world. You can master controlling an Airspeeder and train this way until the real-life competitions start, or just experience it virtually. You can check out your options of betting on the electric flying car series at online sportsbook sites in the UK!

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