Bet on the Hungarian Water Polo Team to Win the Olympic Games

Hungary Olympic Win Athens 2004

The Hungarian water polo team triumphed in 3 Olympics in a row until 2012 where they finished only 5th in London. Can they succeed again in Rio?

The Hungarian water polo team has always performed pretty well on the Olympic Games according to all betting news in Brazil: they have won by far the most medals in the history of water polo in the Olympics as they won 9 gold medals together with 3-3 silver and bronze medals. Do they have a chance to collect their 10th golden medal in Rio de Janeiro? Let’s see…

The Hungarian water polo team is in Group A in the Olympics

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will kick off on the 6th of August. The first game will be the greatest battle of water polo history: Serbia versus Hungary. Serbia are the second most successful team in water polo in Olympics history by claiming 3 golden medals, 5 silver ones and 3 bronze medals, adding up to a total of 11 Olympic medals.

Probably this is the game which will decide who will qualify for the quarter-finals as group winners as the other opponents are all weaker teams than Hungary as well as Serbia. There are water polo games every other day so 2 days after the Serbian battle, Hungarian water polo team will face Australia, then Greece, Japan, and Brazil respectively. They will be clear favourites for all these games at online sportsbooks in Brazil.

The Hungarian water polo team is not favourites to win Olympics

Online sportsbooks in Brazil don’t regard Hungary as favourites to win Olympics in Rio. Despite the fact that they are the most successful water polo team in Olympics history, online sportsbooks only regard them as the 4th best team in Rio. Serbia is believed to be the strongest, followed by Croatia, Montenegro and then comes the Hungarian water polo teams.

Rio Olympic Pool

Could Hungary win in Rio?  (Photo: GamesBids)

If you would like to bet on Hungary to win Olympics in water polo, you can do that at many of the most popular sportsbooks, such as NetBet or Bet365. The water polo betting odds for Hungary to win Olympics are 10.00 (9/1) at Bet365 and 8.00 (7/1) at NetBet. For Serbia to win water polo Olympics, Bet365’s odds are 1.53 (8/15) which makes it obvious that they are by far the strongest water polo team in the Olympics.

Upsetting the odds is something Hungary enjoys doing lately…

However, those who frequently bet on sports in Brazil, must realize that sports are all about upsetting the odds. The Hungarian water polo team is never to be looked down on because that’s the worst mistake one could ever make. Their squad is full of talented players who are about to prove that they are worth to replace the former Hungarian water polo legends who won 3 gold medals in a row in Sydney, Athens and Beijing.

Former Olympics winner Tibor Benedek has become the coach for the Hungarian water polo team and has selected the best players for his squad. We’ve already written about the best Hungarian goalkeepers, and despite the fact that Viktor Nagy’s name wasn’t mention in that piece, we must realize that it will not be an easy task to score against him.

It’s also worth taking a look at youngsters in the Hungarian water polo team, such as Márton Vámos, Bence Bátori and Krisztián Manhercz. The former 2 are 24, while the latter one is only 19 years old and they could be among the biggest talents discovered in Rio de Janeiro. Vámos and Bátori formed part of World Championship winner Hungarian water polo team in 2013, while Manhercz is just about to debut in the adult team.

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