The Best Hungarian Goalkeepers Caused Nightmare to Many Terrific Strikers

Best Hungarian Goalkeepers Kiraly Vay Szecsi Fazekas

Something works pretty well in the academies of the Eastern European country as the best Hungarian goalkeepers keep showing incredible skills.

Online gambling news in Hungary keep guessing the secret behind the success of so many goalkeepers from Hungary. Without trying to tell them the reasons, we will just tell you about the most successful ones of them! Check out our list of the best Hungarian goalkeepers and well, if you own a team in any sport…maybe you should consider finding a goalie from Hungary!

Euro 2016 hero Gábor Király, the best Hungarian goalkeeper in football

Gábor Király became the oldest player to ever participate in the European Championships as he took over Lothar Matthaus’s record. About this, you can read a bit more right here. Király lead Hungary to Euro qualification after Hungary being unable to qualify for 44 years. Obviously, Hungary were underdogs on their first game against Austria, however, they defeated the neighbour country by 2-0.

Gabor football

Gabor Kiraly is the best goalkeeper in Hungarian football (photo:

One of the main reasons behind the clean sheet is the fact that Gábor Király concentrated perfectly throughout the 90 minutes of the game. He showed incredible skills at one tough shot from Austria, but he managed to hit the ball to corner. He was even named as the best goalkeeper of matchday 1 by dramteamfc as well as

The Hungarian legend has quickly become a favourite of most Euro 2016 fans: the 40-year old grandfather of all young football stars is a really lovable guy, and in fact he does perform rather well. He is one of the best Hungarian goalkeepers in history. Thanks to Euro qualification, his name has a nice page in the football book of history as well!

Ádám Vay could become the first Hungarian in NHL

We have mentioned in a previous article how online sportsbooks in Hungary would have paid a whole lot of money for the person who predicted his future: Vay started from the bottom, kept training hard and has always been determined to become the best Hungarian goalkeeper in ice-hockey.

Vay the Hockey guy

Adam Vay could be heading to the NHL (photo:

He was named in the squad for Hungary’s squad in the IIHF World Championship where he was number 3 goalkeeper for Hungary. However, because of a unfortunate event, he had to be brought in against Canada where he showed incredible skills. After a few minutes of playing, he showed enough of his talent to immediately become the best Hungarian goalkeeper in the ice hockey team.

Ádám Vay’s performances were so convincing that the whole world kept praising him. In addition, he even received a contract from Minnesota Wilds where he has the chance to become the first Hungarian in NHL history. Vay’s story is one of the several examples of the great talents that the best Hungarian goalkeepers possess.

Zoltán Szécsi won 3 Olympic golden medals in water-polo

Those who know anything about water polo, they must know about the fact that the Hungarian side is one of the best – or the best – team in the world. Zoltán Szécsi’s water polo career was at its peak when Hungary was also dominating the water polo world. The best Hungarian goalkeeper in water polo was one of the main reasons behind Hungary’s successes!

Szecsi the water polo guy

Zoltan Szecsi might be the best Hungarian water polo player (photo:

Szécsi won 3 Olympic golden medals in a row for Hungary: they won in Sydney, Athens and Beijing as well. Szécsi won the World Cup as well in 2003 in Barcelona and finished runner up twice. He has never been European Champion, but I believe that the 3 Olympic wins compensate everything for one of the best Hungarian goalkeepers in water polo history.

Nándor Fazekas, handball goalie hero for Hungary

Despite the fact that Hungary is not a top handball nation and does not have the best handball team in the world, they did manage to get a few nice achievements in the past few years. Finished 4th in the Olympic Games in Athens, 2004 and London, 2012, 9th in the European Championship in 2004 and 6th in the World Cup in 2003 and 2009.

Fazekas the handball guy

Nandor Fazekas’ experience makes him a key player on the Hungarian Handball team (photo:

Nándor Fazekas was key figure in these successes on all occasions as he was the best Hungarian goalkeeper at handball at the time and showed incredible set of skills on all his games. In addition, he was Hungarian champion on 10, and Hungarian Cup winner on 8 occasion apart from winning the EHF Cup in 2009 with Gummersbach and losing the Champions League final with Fotex Veszprém in 2001.

Fazekas is not a youngster any more, he’s 39. He plays for Hungarian team Balatonfüredi KSE at the moment. Hungary just qualified for the World Cup of 2017 in France. If you want to bet on sports in Hungary, you might want to place your bets on Fazekas to form part of the team as his experience and set of skills will be very much appreciated in the World Cup.

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