Bet on the Premier League’s Biggest Underdog Next Week!

Sunderland and Liverpool betting

The top team in the EPL faces off against the bottom team next week, and now is your chance to bet on the Premier League’s biggest underdog with NetBet Sportsbook!

We’re now 12 weeks into the English Premier League, and it’s Liverpool currently leading in the rankings with 26 points. The Reds have been in top form this season, and are currently riding a four-fight win streak. In total this season, they’ve only lost 1 game, with 2 draws and 8 wins.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Sunderland FC, who are sitting at the bottom of the English Premier League rankings with only 1 win, 2 draws, and 8 losses. They have just 5 points right now, and are the biggest underdogs to win the championship with odds of 3000/1, according to most online sportsbooks in the UK.

The Premier League’s biggest underdog will be taking on one of the biggest favorites to win next Sunday, and you can already bet on Liverpool vs. Sunderland with NetBet Sportsbook.

Liverpool vs. Sunderland Betting Odds

As would be expected when a top team faces off with a bottom team, Liverpool is coming into next Sunday’s game against Sunderland as the massive betting favorite with odds of 2/15. Sunderland enters the game as the Premier League’s biggest underdog of the week with odds of 15/1.

One of the biggest talking points about this game, and a reason that many fans of EPL betting are placing their wagers down is the fact that the only team Liverpool has lost to so far in the 2016-17 Premier League is Swansea City, who is actually tied with Liverpool at the bottom of the rankings. If Swansea FC can beat them, why can’t Sunderland? With odds of 15/1 it would be a massive opportunity to cash out. They might have the same odds as winning the Indonesia lottery, but anything is possible, and a bet on the underdog here could earn you serious money.

Who do you think wins between Sunderland and Liverpool? Can the Premier League’s biggest underdog make UK gambling news with a win? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and check out NetBet Sportsbook for a full list of EPL betting odds!

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