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2017 EuroVision betting

The next EuroVision is set to take place in Kiev this May. Now, you can bet on the next EuroVision winner with PaddyPower!

A number of countries came close to winning the EuroVision in 2016, most notably Australia, who was entering into the competition for just the second time in history. Now let’s take a look at a few of the betting options to win the next EuroVision in 2017.


Australia first debuted in the EuroVision competition in 2015 as a “one-off” to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary. In November of that year, UK gambling news was broken that they would return again in 2016. This time, they came close to winning, but narrowly lost to Ukraine.

They will once again return for the 2017 EuroVision, and PaddyPower lists them as the betting favorites to win it all.

There are some that have protested Australia taking part in the competition, primarily because, well… They are not a European country. Nonetheless, it appears they are here to stay, and currently hold odds of 6/1 to win in 2017.


If there is one country that goes above and beyond in the EuroVision, it is Russia. The last time they won was in 2008, but they gave everything they could to get the win this past May. Russia was said to spend the most out of any country for their last performance which included 3D visuals and an advanced light show.

Unfortunately, Russia fell short. You can blame it on politics, but Russia fell behind both Australia and Ukraine, the latter of which garnered international sympathy for their ongoing war.

Perhaps 2017 will finally be the year Russia gets the win. It seems likely that they will once again spend the big bucks on their performances, but it remains to be seen whether public perception of the country stops them from coming out on top. If you’re planning to bet on the next EuroVision winner and think Russia gets it done, head to PaddyPower. Their odds to win are currently set at 6/1.


Ireland is one of the most successful countries to ever take part in the EuroVision contest with seven wins. Lately however, they have struggled to find much success, coming in dead last twice in the past ten years.

You could make the argument that Ireland has never been more popular than it is now. The success of sporting stars such as Conor McGregor and the national football team’s admirable performance during the 2016 European Championship (not to mention their amazing fans) has raised the country’s reputation to new heights. Will that be enough for them to win the 2017 EuroVision?

Ireland’s odds to win the next EuroVision are 33/1. Hopes are high that they can put on a good performance, and many people around the world are hoping the Emerald Isle gets the win this year.

United Kingdom

Speaking of successful countries in EuroVision, the United Kingdom is not far behind Ireland. They have won the contest 5 times since their first appearance in 1957, and up to 1998, had only placed outside the top 10 twice.

It’s been a while since any online sportsbooks in the UK listed the United Kingdom as a betting favorite to win the EuroVision. Since 1999, they have only reached the top 10 twice, and have not won the competition since 1997.

If you’re planning to bet on the next EuroVision winner and feel the UK will get it done this year, head to PaddyPower and throw down the money! Their current odds to win are set at 33/1.

Will you bet on the next EuroVision winner in 2017? Who do you think wins? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out PaddyPower to find a full list of the 2017 EuroVision betting odds!

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