Russia Cuts Taxes for Online Sportsbooks

Gambling taxes in Russia

News has just been broken that Russia has decided to lowers taxes for online sportsbooks inside of the country.

There are many online sportsbooks in Russia celebrating the news that taxes for internet sports betting sites will now be significantly lowered. This comes just 8 months after the government announced that sports betting sites would need to cough up 5% of their annual revenue to the government.

Under these new taxes, Russian sports betting sites will only need to pay 1% of their betting revenue. It’s been reported that widespread appeals from both online and land-based gambling operators helped to bring about this change.

This will certainly help sports betting sites to save money, but it won’t solve everything, according to Nikolai Oganezov. “You can, of course, to some extent, be happy that the Ministry of Finance took the side of reality,” but he added it “must be viewed in the totality of all taxes.” This includes a 10% cut from all online gambling revenue.

What gambling sites can you access in Russia?

The legal situation surrounding online gambling in Russia has been somewhat complicated for years. In 2006, a set Russian gambling laws were created that essentially banned gambling sites from offering games of chance inside Russia. Internet poker in Russia has been somewhat allowed as it is considered by many to be a game of skill.

Despite these tough restrictions, there are a large number of foreign online gambling sites that Russian players can access. Many of these sites support Russian language. Check out our list of online gambling sites in Russia to find all the websites you can access here.

What do you think about the Russian government lowering taxes for online sportsbooks? How will this affect the gambling industry in Russia? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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