Bet On The US Senior Open At Bet365, If You Must…..

US Open betting odds

There’s some great sporting events to wager on this weekend but if you insist on perpetuating the ghastly horror that is golf then you’ll have to bet on the US Senior Open at Bet365 were some of the legends are back on the tee for this annual festival of fogies.

US Senior Open 2017

• 29th June – 2nd July
• Salem Country Club
• Peabody, Massachusetts
• Purse – $4,000,000
• Champ – Gene Sauers

“Golf,” we are told by Mark Twain of all people, “is a good walk spoiled.” And frankly he should have stuck to writing deary novels and left the sports commentary to others. There are a whole host of things wrong with golf and the idea that it ruins a bit of minor exercise doesn’t even enter the top twenty. Of course those apt to bet on the US Senior Open might not agree, but they’re likely to be bias by dint of actually considering this piece of ball based insanity worthy of their wagers at Bet365 or wherever.

Where once perhaps the hugely elitist world of golf could possibly have been allowed in this day and age it’s environmental impact, it’s social divisiveness and the utter inanity of the game itself should be more than enough to see it consigned to the dustbin of history. The world can do without golf, golf courses and, most particularly, golfers. However if there’s one thing a bet on the US Senior Open will prove its that getting rid of golfers is by no means as easy as turning Pebble Beach into social housing.

US Senior Open; The Perfect bet on sports in the US At Bet365

A waste of space and water golfers resemble golf courses in numerous ways. The vast majority have all the personality of a sand-trap and those that display any more individual flare than that are quickly set upon by the sporting media (a loose organization of sinners who bitterly insist all actual sportsmen be saints). Take Tiger Woods. Think he was the first to take advantage of being World No.1? Of course not, you can bet on the US Senior Open to be full of guys who did just the same, so why the big fuss?

Tiger Woods odds

Will we see Tiger Woods competing at the US Senior Open sometime in the future? (photo:

Sadly the difference between Tiger Woods and those that came before him is obvious and his fall from grace predicted by more than a few social observers when his success first rolled around, however whilst he might be damned by hypocrites and fools, you can bet on the US Senior Open being graced by his older self in just a few years time, and perhaps at that point there might be some small measure of reason to skirt US gambling laws to place a wager at Bet365 on the great man continuing to win.

Back One Of The Big Names At Bet365 This Weekend

2017 US Senior Open

• Brandt Jobe – 30/1
• Stephen Ames – 30/1
• Tom Lehman – 22/1
• David Doms – 22/1
• Jerry Kelly – 20/1
• P. Marksaeng – 18/1
• Vijay Singh – 16/1
• Scott McCarron – 16/1
• Kevin Sutherland – 16/1
• M A. Jimenez – 11/1
• Fred Couples – 6/1
• Bernhard Langer – 9/2

If you’re going to bet on the US Senior Open this year, be that at Bet365 or wherever, there are a whole host of big names to back, Steven Fink and Robert Funk both get 750/1 although neither is a very decent prospect, with perhaps Kenny Perry at 40/1 marking the beginning of sensible wagers. Jerry Kelly cuts out a neat 20/1, Prayad Marksaeng garners 18/1 with Vijay Singh in there at 16/1 the same odds that both Scott McCarron and Kevin Sutherland are attracting at online bookmakers this week.

Up at the top of the field the most sensible people to back if you’re going to bet on the US Senior Open this year include the familiar figure of Miguel Angel Jimenez at 11/1, the famous Fred Couples at 6/1 but both of these great golfers are chasing Bernhard Langer who is at 9/2 at Bet365 and seems likely to be making US gambling news headlines come Monday. Top tip? Tom Lehman at 22/1 to grab a top five finish this time out. Worst idea? Thinking Allen Doyle could do likewise at 2500/1. He just won’t.

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