An Early Bet on the US Triple Crown Can Be Rewarding

  • US Triple Crown odds favor Tiz The Law
  • The Kentucky Derby will decide everything
  • In this early period you can place Ante-post wagers with super-high odds
bet on the US Triple Crown
Image source: Mike Lizzi from Nassau County , USA / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

We are all waiting for Spring. Flowers, birds, and of course the start of the flat horseracing season. What a wonderful time of the year. Today we will visit the United States to give you tips on how should you bet on the US Triple Crown. The act will start in early May with the Kentucky Derby. The odds and the expectations are high on this year’s season, however, the Ante-post betting options are still not available for the other two races.

This event lists the most traditional thoroughbred races in the US. The racehorse who wins the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes and The Belmont Stakes achieves the crown. Therefore, a bet on the US Triple Crown means you bet on three races combined. So, it’s not a surprise that all the odds are extremely high at the online sportsbooks in the US. The statistics and predictions also uncertain because we still didn’t have any information about two races, only about the 2020 Kentucky Derby which is the first challenge of the three runs.

Originally, the races weren’t held in the same year, but the separate races exist since 1875. However, The Triple Crown was only established later, in 1950. By the way, the association rewarded all the jockeys and their mighty equines who were successful in the challenge. Still, only 13 horses received the Crown in history yet. The first one was Sir Barton in 1919.

The races are for three-year-old-thoroughbreds.  According to the online gambling news in the US, if a horse wins the Triple Crown, we can expect a bright future for it and for its trainer. You can find the following odds on any horse to win on all the three racecourses.

Bovada’s odds on will there be a US Triple Crown Winner in 2020?
Yes +700
No -1600

You can place ante-post bets on which horse will win the US Triple Crown at Bovada

As you can see in the table below, Bovada has super-tall odds on the US Triple Crown. We are in an early period and it’s very rare if any horse wins all the three races in the same year. Still, ante-post betting has its beauty. The long wait-time is not my favorite part, however, if you wait for ages for an event to start it’s always more exciting. The odds list is led by Tiz The Law with +30000. However, despite the long odds, the differences are smaller than the usual if we talk about ante-post betting.  If you have any clue about the outcome of the race don’t hold your horses. Even more, you should place your bet now, before the odds start to fall.

Betting odds at the Bovada Sportsbook
Tiz The Law +3000
Authentic +3300
Charlatan +4000
Ete Indien +6000
Honor A P +6600
Maxfield +6600
Thousand Words +6600

2020 Kentucky derby odds favor Tiz The Law

As we highlight in our latest article about the 2020 Kentucky Derby odds Tiz The Law seems to be this year’s winner. However, Authentic and Nadal still have shorter odds than the average horses who are qualified. Therefore, nothing is decided yet. While Tiz is around +700, Authentic is around +800 and Nadal is at +1000.

bet on the US Triple Crown
An old picture of the Derby – Image source: Velo Steve / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

If you would like to bet on the US Triple Crown, you have two options. You place your wager now and wait for the result with the amazing odds. Or, you can make your decision after the Kentucky Derby. Then, there will be only one optional horse. Later the multipliers will be shorter, however, such a big risk-taking move is not familiar for every bettor. If you would like a bit less venture in your daily menu, you can check out my neatest betting tip for this Spring. You can’t miss placing a bet on Quadrilateral to win the Fillies’ Triple Crown in the UK.

We have to wait a couple of weeks until we can bet on the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness Stakes

The US Triple Crown includes two races which will only take place in Summer. Despite these ones are one of the most popular stakes of the US, Bovada’s oddsmakers didn’t create their wagers yet. Probably it’s because they are waiting for the first race of the act. The Kentucky Derby will clarify what are the optional outcomes for the upcoming races. Also, we will see that is there any chance that someone will win the US Tripple Crown in 2020. Even more, we will see the one horse which can turn into a legendary equine from a middle-class mount.

It can be rewarding to bet on any horse to win the US Triple Crown

In summary, a bet on the US Triple Crown to win by any horse is a golden egg compared to other horse-race wagers which combinates the results of more races. The Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes are on the same length. That means that horse who is going to win the first stop of the race-trio is the only potential shoo-in to achieve the Triple Crown. However, it also means that we don’t have to expect surprises in the performances. As all the tracks are around 10 furlongs, pace-keeping is not a thing. Still, the 1,5 miles track-length is a bit long to sprint all the way. It sounds simple, but in conclusion, we can declare that the strongest horse will win.  The US Triple Crown is only for real champions.

Click here to visit Bovada to learn more about the odds on the horse-races in the US

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