Friends, Gossip Girl & Other HBO Max Special Bets

  • Friends are back to small screens thanks to HBO Max
  • A new streaming service will also make The Gossip Girl reboot
  • What do we know about two old-new classic TV series by now?
HBO Max special bets, HBO Max, bet on Friends, bet on Gossip Girl reboot, Unibet sportsbook
A new HBO service will launch in May 2020
Image source: Flickr.com

The new American streaming service launches several new projects that will keep you in front of screens in 2020. Discover HBO Max special bets on the most popular upcoming projects: a Friends reunion, a Gossip Girl reboot and much more.

In 2018, the HBO channel announced making a new streaming service called HBO Max. The new video platform will be available already this May, so it’s the right time to learn about its benefits. Several projects are already scheduled for this year and you can’t help watching them. Online sportsbooks in Canada mention new Friends and Gossip Girl among the most-awaited premieres, so let’s figure out what’s so special about them.

HBO Max special bets: a reunion of “Friends”

HBO Max special bets, HBO Max, bet on Friends, bet on Gossip Girl reboot, Unibet sportsbook
A Friends reunion is officially coming to HBO Max in 2020 [National Broadcasting Company (NBC) / Public domain]
The next months will give us at least one remarkable TV series worth watching. Obviously, we are talking about Friends, which reunion made fans of the 1994 show happy cry. What can be more pleasant than watching the whole original cast meeting on screen again?

Once news about Friends reunion was out, numerous suggestions about the upcoming series appeared. Yet Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will star in their original roles, fans are eager to know who can be among special guests this time. Probably, Brad Pitt will be there due to the fresh rumors about the Braniston reunion after the Golden Globes. Also, you can bet on a Hollywood rising star, Timothee Chalamet, to be the guest actor by 2022. According to Unibet Sportsbook bets, he is the most wanted one to join the original cast.

As the release date of Friends is still unknown, HBO Max special bets try to predict when new episodes will be available for viewers. According to the most popular odds of 1.05, it will be available as soon as the official release of the HBO Max platform takes place. It means, there’s a high chance to meet Rachel, Ross & Co already this May!

The “‘Gossip Girl” reboot at HBO Max

HBO Max special bets, HBO Max, bet on Friends, bet on Gossip Girl reboot, Unibet sportsbook
Blake Lively woke up famous after the original Gossip Girl series [GabboT / CC BY-SA]
Another big project that is assigned to the new HBO streaming service is the reboot of Gossip Girl. A popular TV series was out in 2007-2012 and got a positive critical appraisal. Viewers also liked the drama project as it received numerous Teen Choice and People’s Choice Awards nominations. 

Last summer, the first rumors about the Gossip Girl reboot spread actively and finally turned into a reality. We learned the names of new GG cast just a month ago and here they are! Emily Alyn Lind, Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez, and Jason Gotay will replace the original series actors in the new edition, but this isn’t it. There is still a chance to see Blake Lively in the show again with 51.00 odds at Unibet Sportsbook. The series producers said that the doors of Gossip Girl are always open for the original actors, so why don’t former Serena and Blair make a small cameo?

Moreover, Kristen Bell has confirmed her return to the role of narrator. She is the only one who links the reboot to the original series so far. The other plot and setting details remain a secret and we will learn them no earlier than this summer.

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