Bet on the Welsh Elections in 2021

  • The Conservatives are gaining more support
  • The Labour Party have been dominating the elections for a long time
  • Other smaller parties have some chances of winning.
Bet on the Welsh Elections in 2021
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The Welsh Parliament elections, also known as the Senedd elections, will happen on May 6, 2021. Although the Labour Party has been winning the previous elections, the conservatives are projected to make a breakthrough in the next one. Furthermore, this election will be the first in which 16 and 17-year olds who are foreigners and living in Wales are allowed to vote in the elections. This decision will certainly have a significant impact on the results. Do you want to bet on the Welsh elections in 2021 but do not know which party to bet on? In this article, we provide you with all the information and betting odds that you need to make your decision.

The Conservative Party is the First Choice Bet on in the Welsh Elections in 2021

The Welsh Conservative Party is one of the oldest parties in Wales as it was established in 1921. It is the third most popular and supported in Wales as they possess 11 seats out of 60 in the Welsh Parliament. Furthermore, they have 167 local government authorities throughout Wales. For the past twenty years, the Conservative Party has been winning 9 to 14 seats in the Welsh Parliament. They have always fallen short to the Labour Party, which is the biggest party in Wales. However, the Welsh Elections in 2021 could tell a different story and could be the beginning of a shift in power.

A recent poll regarding the public opinion and support for the Welsh Elections in 2021 showed that the Conservative Party is on course to win the next election. Projections showed that the Conservatives will win the most seats in the Welsh Parliament. This increase in support is credited to current prime minister Boris Johnson and his party for their efforts of the UK to leave the European Union. The latest numbers reveal that the conservatives have 41% of the support, while the Labours have 36%. This explains why online sportsbook sites in the UK favor this party. The betting odds on 1xBetfor the Conservative Party to win are 2.0. Do you think this is the election in which the conservatives make their breakthrough? If you agree, bet on the Welsh Elections in 2021 for the Conservative Party to win most seats.

Bet on the Welsh Elections in 2021
Boris Johnson in 2012- Image source: Flickr

The Labour Party – The Biggest Party

Founded in 1947, the Welsh Labour Party is the largest and most popular party in Welsh politics. It is part of the United Kingdom Labour party which has always won the biggest number of votes at the UK General Elections since 1922. Currently, the party holds 29 seats out of possible 60 in the Welsh Parliament. Furthermore, it holds approximately has 576 out of 1264 local authority councilors. With 25,000 members under its name, the Labour party is currently the biggest political party in Wales. In the past 20 years, they have won at least 26 seats in each election. Therefore, in the upcoming election, it will be no surprise if they pull it off again!

Bet on the Welsh Elections in 2021 if you think the Labour Party will win once again. 1xBet betting odds for the Labour Party winning is 2.1 which is not far behind the conservative party. Betting on the biggest political party would be a logical option to go with.

Other Potential Winners in the 2021 Welsh Elections

Currently, lead by Adam Price, the Plaid Cymru is a social-democratic political party in Wales. It is also known the Welsh Nationalist Party as its supporters advocate for Wales independence from the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the party promotes the protection and preservation of the Welsh language, heritage, culture, and traditions. It approximately has 12,000 members and 10 seats in the Welsh Parliament. Polls showed that the public support for the party has been growing. However, it is not as big as the two major parties which is the reason their winning odds are not very high. The betting odds on 1xBet for the Plaid Cymru to win are 8.5, so it is somewhat unlikely that they will win most seats. However, if you are a risk-taker and looking for the biggest reward, then go ahead and bet on them. You never know, they might win it!

Another party that you can bet on is the Welsh Liberal Democrats Party. The public support for this party is relatively small compared to all previously mentioned parties. The Liberal Democrats currently hold just one seat in the Welsh Parliament, and 63 local governments in Wales. Their winning odds to win most seats in the next election are 101. Therefore, if you believe a miracle will happen and this party will win the most seats, then bet on the Welsh Elections in 2021 for the Liberal Democrats to win.

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