Bet on 2022 UK General Election – Who will Rule?

  • The Conservative party has the majority of the public support
  • Historical trends favor the Labour party to win the most seats
  • Bet on 2022 UK General Election as odds show it is a two-horse race
Bet on 2022 UK General Election

The general election is an opportunity for the British public to choose who represents them in the parliament. The candidates in the election may belong to one of the political parties, but some of them stand as independents. The major parties include the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party, Green Party, and Brexit Party. Each party has a different view on how to run the country, and how to set the policies and procedures. With the upcoming election, bet on 2022 UK General Election as the Conservative party hopes to win yet again.

The Conservative Party

The Conservative party is the most popular and most supported party by the British public. They have won all general elections since 2005. The public support of this party is not showing any sign of weakness as recent opinion polls for the next general election show very promising numbers. For example, a recent study revealed that the percentage of support to the Conservative party is close to 50%. Currently, the Conservative party has 365 seats in the house of commons which is well above the 326-seats threshold needed for a majority. These numbers, along with the early polls, demonstrate that they will continue to have the majority in the next election. Therefore, choosing the Conservative party to bet on 2022 UK General Election would be the safe route to take.

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Liberal Democrats – Image via Flickr

The Labour Party

The Labour party is a center-left political party that is currently one of the most supported parties in the UK. Early polls reveal that the Labour party has approximately 32% of the public support. This makes them the second-most supported party, according to the poll. With the current leader Keir Starmer, the Labour party owns 202 seats in the house of commons.

Historical trends have shown that there is always a shift in power between the Labour party and the Conservative one. For instance, from 1964 to 1974, the Liberal party won four of the five general elections, while from 1979 to 1992 the Conservative party won four general elections. After that, the power shifted to the Labour party as they won three consecutive general elections until 2010 before the Conservative party won the last four general elections. Hence, taking into consideration this historical trend, it would be a risk worth taking to bet on 2022 UK General Election for the Labour party. History had always a tendency to repeat itself, therefore, it would not be a surprise if the Labour party wins the next general elections.

Bet on 2022 UK General Election – Is it a Two-Horse Race?

Even though the Conservative and Labour parties usually win the most seats, it is worthwhile to mention the other participating parties. For example, the Liberal Democrat party currently holds eleven seats on the house of commons, and early trends reveal that they have approximately 9% of the public support. Furthermore, the Green party and the Brexit party currently hold one and zero seats, respectively. Hence, their chances of winning the majority are nearly impossible.

Currently, online sportsbook sites in the UK on 24bettle  show the next general election is a two-horse race between the Labour and Conservative parties. Betting odds on 24bettle to win the most seats indicate that the Conservative party is leading with 1.60 betting odds. Additionally, the Labour party is not far behind with betting odds of 2.41. On the other hand, betting odds suggest that other parties have a very low chance of winning the most seats. The Liberal Democrat party has betting odds equal to 35.00. While, the Green party and the Brexit party have betting odds equal to 100.00. Looking at the past elections, it is very unlikely that any of these small parties will win the most seats. But who knows? A bet on them might lead you to win a lot of money!

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