Australia Northern Territory State Election Odds

  • The Labor Party is looking to win the government majority for the second consecutive year
  • A decrease in the Country Liberals’ popularity does not eliminate their winning chances.
  • The rise of the Territory Alliance Party will play an important role in the upcoming elections.
  • 2020 Australia Northern Territory State Election Odds do not heavily favor any party.
Australia Northern Territory State Election Odds

On 22 August 2020, the Australia Northern Territory State elections will happen. In these elections, people elect members through a full preferential instant-runoff voting in single-member electorates voting system. This means that the voters will rank their list of preferred candidates instead of voting for one candidate only. During the 2016 election, the labor party won eighteen of possible twenty-five seats which gave them the majority by a comfortable margin. However, the 2020 Australia Northern Territory State Election odds are indicating that a newly formed party could create a shift in power in the future.

The Labor Party – Recently the Most Popular Party

After the foundation of the labor party in 1974, they have failed to win the government majority until 2001. In that election, the party was able to win thirteen of twenty-five possible seats giving it the government majority. Since that election, the public support of the party has witnessed an aggressive rise as it won the majority government four times. They lost the majority once in 2012 winning eight seats only.

With its leader Michael Gunner, the labor party has won eighteen seats which is a 72% majority win in 2016. This resulted in the worst defeat of the opposing Country Liberal Party in history. Although the dismissal of three members of the Labor Party in 2018 reduced their seats to fifteen, it is still holding the majority government. Furthermore, this has not affected their popularity as Australia Northern Territory State Election odds still predict the party to win the 2020 election.

Country Liberal Party – A Legitimate Contender in the Australia Northern Territory State Election Odds

The Country Liberals is a liberal-conservative party. Officially known as the Country Liberals, this party has historically dominated the Northern Territory State Elections. Since 1974, the party won the government majority eight consecutive times before losing it in 2001 to the Labor Party.

Although statistics show there is a decrease in popularity, it is certain that many people support this party. For example, it has won the government majority in 2012 with sixteen seats. On the other hand, it is hard to deny that they have been recently struggling to find a state of solidity. For instance, they have suffered their worst defeat in 2016 winning only two seats in the process. However, the Country Liberal Party will not be neglected in the Australia Northern Territory State Election Odds. The 2012 election has proven that they still have the support of a significant portion of the public. Therefore, they still have real winning chances in the upcoming elections.

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Northern Territory – Image via Flickr

The Territory Alliance – A Newly Formed Party

Former Country Liberal Party member Terry Mills founded The Territory Alliance in 2019. As the party started to gain popularity, two independent members, Jeff Collins and Robyn Lambley have joined in early 2020. The addition of the new members has brought the party’s total number of seats to three. Since its very recent establishment, the party has gained a lot of support. For example, after the resignation of Ken Vowles, an election for the Johnston seat was held in January 2020. Although the Territory Party lost the seat, it was a very close contest. They lost the seat to the labor party by a margin of just 2.6%. This is evidence of how popular this new party really is, and it will definitely rise in popularity in the future.

Australia Northern Territory State Election Odds are Unbiased

The 2020 Northern Territory State Election will witness the addition of a new contender. This will play a significant role in the outcomes of this election. Online sportsbook sites in Australia on 22bet are showing balanced betting odds between the three major parties. The Labour Party winning odds are equal to 2.05 as they are currently the most popular. However, the up and coming Territory Alliance will be a real candidate for the government majority with 2.4. Finally, you should never forget about Country Liberals as they have 3.5 betting odds. This election will shape the balance of power for the coming years between those parties, and a win in this election will be crucial to all three of them.

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