Bet on Trump’s running mate!

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Who will be Trump’s vice-Presidential candidate? He’s going to be the nominee, so it’s time to be on Trump’s running mate!

Somehow, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. That means he’ll have to choose a potential vice-president to campaign with. The question is: who will he possibly pick, and who would possibly accept the position? Before your bet on Trump’s running mate, here’s our guide to who he might be considering!

Bet on Trump’s Running Mate:
The sensible political choices

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  • Christie @ 3.00 (2/1)
  • Haley @ 11.00 (10/1)
  • Martinez @ 9.00 (8/1)

If this was a normal political campaign, there are certain obvious strategies Trump would be advised to employ when picking his nominee: he needs to unite the Republican Party, appeal to centrists, and strengthen areas in which he is weak. After his offensive remarks about immigration and Mexico, he could pick a Hispanic running mate. He’s unlikely to pick defeated rival “little Marco” (Marco Rubio), but Susan Martinez, governor of New Mexico, could also help his chances among women; plus, she could appeal in a crucial swing state.

Likewise, the popular governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, could appeal. The right-wing favourite, of Indian descent, did declare that she didn’t want to be considered for VP, however.. To try to unite the party, he could go for House Speaker (and previous vice-Presidential candidate) Paul Ryan, or “moderate” Presidential candidate John Kasich. However, neither are particular fond of Trump. He could select Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, whose Presidential campaign went never recovering from the “Bridgegate” Scandal. He defended Trump’s US casino, when Donald was accused of bad management of his casino properties in New Jersey. He is tough-talking anti-Washington, but he might not broaden Trump’s demographic appeal.

There’s no predicting Trump’s next move, but if he decides to play tactically, Martinez or Haley could be interesting choices.

Martinez VP?

Could Trump nominate Susan Martinez? (Photo:HP)

Best Bet: Susan Martinez at 9.00 (8/1) at 32Red Sports

The crazy political choices

Bet on Trump’s running mate at 32Red Sports

  • Carson @ 13.00 (12/1)
  • Cruz @ 11.00 (10/1)
  • Palin @ 36.00 (35/1)

This election cycle has been bad, so bet on Trump’s running mate being a little crazy. Luckily, there are plenty of notable politicians who fit that description. He could try to co-opt beaten rival Ted Cruz to be vice-president. While this might shore up the evangelical vote, there are many reasons it wouldn’t work. Cruz is the worst possible combination of a Washington insider and somebody who nobody wants to do deals with: basically, he’s just not likeable.

A more plausible beaten rival to join the ticket would be Ben Carson. He’s only political in the sense that he ran for president, and at one point was incredibly popular. He’s an acclaimed neurosurgeon with an impressive back-story of self-improvement. However, as the debates showed, he’s not particularly articulate and people would question his ability to do the job.

There’s also Sarah Palin, who supported Trump, but it’s not immediately clear what she would add to the ticket other than gaffes and controversy. Her previous run at being a vice-presidential candidate didn’t go well. 

Cruz VP?

Could Trump nominate Lyin’ Ted? (Photo:Slate)

Best Bet: Ted Cruz at 11.00 (10/1) at 32Red Sports

Out-of-the-box choices

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  • Scarborough @ 51.00 (50/1)
  • Rice @ 41.00 (40/1)

While online sportsbooks don’t always have odds for non-political candidates, Donald Trump may well be tempted to go with somebody not currently in politics. He’s previously expressed admiration for business men including Warren Buffet, but he may be a little old. Billionaire Mark Cuban could also be a possibility, having expressed an interest in the role.

However, Trump has claimed that he will seek a politician, and a Republican at that. Joe Scarborough used to be both those things, though he’s now a television personality with MSNBC. He’s been noticeable affable when interviewing Trump, and their rapport could make him an attractive choice.

Perhaps the most likely unorthodox choice is former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. As a successful political scientist and diplomat, with an understanding of foreign affairs and links to the Republican Party (without being tarnished by actually spending time as a politician) she fulfils a lot of criteria. However, as National Security Advisor at the time of the Iraq War her selection could hinder a line of attack against Hillary’s support for the invasion. There’s also the question of whether she’d want to be associated with Trump. However, for the odds offered it’s a very interesting selection. 

Condoleeza Rice

Could Trump nominate Condoleeza Rice? (Photo:NBC)

Best Bet: Condoleeza Rice at 41.00 (40/1) at Paddy Power

The crazy choices…

Bet on Trump’s running mate at 32Red Sports

  • Hogan @ 401.00 (400/1)
  • Tyson @ 501.00 (500/1)

With Trump’s odds to just become nominee began sky high, so he has made surprising gambling news already. Who knows, maybe he’ll shock us all again. Maybe he’ll decide that he doesn’t really want to be President, and nominate someone who he’ll know won’t be taken seriously. Regardless of his strategy, you wouldn’t bet against him nominating a celebrity!

He could nominate his old friend Vince McMahon, the billionaire owner of WWE: his business skills and promotion savvy might appeal to Trump. Perhaps he’ll want to double-down on the underlying aggression of his campaign, by nominating Hulk Hogan or Mike Tyson. They may not be gifted politicians, but they could certainly intimate rivals. Likewise, basketball great Kobe Bryant is recently retired, and being Trump’s running mate could be an exciting next career step.

A final possibility is Charlie Sheen, for whom a stint as running mate could be a great way to get his career back on track after mental health problems. Despite criticizing Trump, he’s said he’s be his VP “in a heartbeat”. Still, nobody in this category is worth betting on… we hope.

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