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Posted: April 18, 2023

Updated: April 18, 2023

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In this article, I am going to talk about how to bet on Vietnam to ban TikTok. However, we will talk about the political consequences of banning a gigantic piece of software from the platform. Because it’s one of the hardest things to keep in mind when it comes to country bans. Some regions might ban TikTok without an issue. However, they will make a lot of companies leave the country to pursue different businesses.

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Today, you can bet on Vietnam’s ban on TikTok the online sportsbook site in Vietnam. But why? Our world has developed extremely fast when it comes to technology. Just fifteen years ago all young adults used Microsoft Messenger to talk to each other. Then the software became empty as people transferred over to websites such as MySpace and IwIw. These forums have created rock stars due to the advertisement. Nowadays they are all empty, as Facebook conquered the world in the 2010s.

Ever since different companies have tried to take the user base with different concepts. Today it’s TikTok that can not be challenged by any other platforms. Creating short videos is the easiest way to advertise, entertain and express. Yet people worry about toxic content. Furthermore, other countries fear their data. We are going to discover the news and the betting surrounding it.

You Can Bet On Vietnam To Ban TikTok

According to Daily Sabah, Vietnam is investigating the famous social media application, TikTok. We all know about this app. We regularly report on how to bet on TikTok records in 2023. However, not everyone is as receptive to this form of entertainment.

Bet on Vietnam to ban TikTok
Picture Source: Flickr

Because many governments believe that TikTok is toxic and harmful to the youth. We do not need to think for too long to realize why. Because TikTok became a little chaotic. The idea was awesome as long as it was just people singing songs.

However, it became the center of all types of media and interest. Which is not always for children. Furthermore, children tend to record things they are not supposed to record. And I did not even mention the fact that TikTok belongs to ByteDance Ltd. Which is a Chinese company. This can raise political concerns too.

Why Are They Thinking About It?

Now that we have discussed the general concerns with TikTok. Let’s get specific about the reason why you can bet on Vietnam banning TikTok. Because every country has a different reason for it. According to Reuters the main reason why they wish to regulate the App is due to the “toxic, offensive, false, misleading and superstitious content”. Reading these words, you can see the problem. Because hundreds of users tend to use Human love with thrilling mysteries to saturate mundane stories.

This way, they receive clicks, hoping to monetize the misleading content. Furthermore, there are instances where famous teenagers can voice their political opinion about things they otherwise have no idea about. In conclusion, TikTok has the potential to be dangerous for the youth. Not the company or the app, but the community using it. Vietnam is still trying to find a way to regulate instead of banning.

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Odds To Bet On Vietnam To Ban TikTok

Now that you understand the story and the reasons. It’s time for you to learn the odds. If you are interested in Vietnam’s gambling history. Then check out our article about the Ace of Spades and the Vietnam War. Because this ban is a part of modern history as well. In our modern world companies and apps such as Facebook and TikTok is a predominant part of history. Banning an application is no longer a meaningless issue.

Because thousands of companies and people use this platform to advertise and to receive their main income. This means that banning TikTok will send a couple of dozen people in Vietnam into unemployment. This is why the government does not want to make an impulsive decision. The betting is only valid with an announcement.

Vietnam to officially ban TikTok before June GMT+7?

  • No – 1.08
  • Yes, there’ll be an official announcement – 6.5

Countries That Already Did It

According to AP News, other countries have decided to ban or regulate the use of TikTok. However, the large majority of countries have decided to ban government officials from using the App on their work devices. Furthermore, they advise them to avoid using it in their private lives as well.

Bet on Vietnam to ban TikTok
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

However, they allow civilians to use the app. Some other regions such as Afghanistan and India considering a nationwide ban. Pakistan followed them for a temporary ban. In conclusion, we have a whole plethora of different bans. However, it seems that Vietnam might join the nationwide ban. However, I believe that they are going to try to regulate the App from being accessible by children.

  • Protecting Youth from being misled: Afghanistan
  • Federal Device Ban: Australia, Canada, Denmark, EU, France, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway Taiwan
  • Nationwide ban: India
  • Temporary Ban: Pakistan

Predictions And Betting Tips

Now that we talked about the bet on Vietnam to ban TikTok. Let me give you my predictions. Because we always give you our betting tips for things such as the top TikTok account predictions. To give you a quick summary of my opinion. I think that Vietnam is not going to ban the Application from their lands before June GMT+7. However, they might ban it in the future. More and more regions seek to push TikTok out of their service.

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Which might make the company try to implement more child procession measures. Similarly how Youtube can mark creators as misleading. TikTok might implement this feature as well. Because Youtube started to be unfun when it was no longer about misleading mysteries. Therefore, TikTok would become pretty boring if it was just plain memes with no mystery behind the content.

Where To Bet On Vietnam To Ban TikTok

If you are interested in this betting line. Then please consider registering at 22BET Sportsbook. Because this is where you can place a bet. Keep in mind that the prop specifies that a government announcement must be made. Furthermore, the ban must happen before June GMT +7. Therefore, I recommend you bet on TikTok not getting banned in Vietnam. However, if you believe that the government is ready to ban it. Then you should take advantage of the betting surrounding this market.

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