Bet On World Cup Qualifiers: Will Argentina Qualify?

Argentina Albiceleste World Cup Qualifiers

Currently Brazil leads the group and Ecuador has been doing surprisingly well. The only question of the South American World Cup Qualifiers remains… Will Argentina qualify for World Cup 2018 in Russia?

Online betting news in Argentina always expect the Albiceleste to perform well on the World Cup Qualifiers. Messi and his mates started the tournament as clear favourites this season as well, however, the qualification matches have not gone as well as they had expected it so far. It is a serious question whether or not will Argentina be able to qualify for the most prestigious football event in the world. Let’s take a look at the chances!

Will Brazil win the group easily?

It’s not one of the most difficult World Cup Qualifier predictions to make. Brazil are always among the top 2 favourites in the South American region, and this time they live up to the expectations: after 12 match days, they are group leaders, having collected 27 points. Behind them comes Uruguay as second, they have 23 points, while Ecuador and Chile have 20.

The 4th and 5th positions are taken by qualification favourites Argentina and Colombia. Lionel Messi and James Rodriguez both failed to impress in this series so far and it might cost a lot for their national teams. Argentina has 19, while Colombia has 18 points so far. There are still 6 more matches to go, which is quite a lot, but these two teams will need to improve a lot if they want to reserve themselves a place in Russia. Online sportsbooks still have high expectations towards them…the average supporter, maybe not so much.

What does the bookie say?

As Brazil and Uruguay seem unlikely to drop form in the near future, they are expected to qualify directly to the tournament. However, there is a huge crowd for reaching 3rd and 4th position 4 teams: Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Colombia are yet to decide which one of them is the best. Usually Ecuador would be underdogs in such a list, however surprisingly this time they are in the best position after 12 games.

However, they still have remaining matches against Brazil, Colombia and Argentina as well and no matter how well they have performed so far, their opponents will be the favourites on these 3 matches. We probably shouldn’t bet on Ecuador to qualify, although the odds are pretty good for them!

The most interesting question is if any of the teams will be knocked out from the Argentina, Chile, Colombia trio. All three would be likely to go through for quite a while in the World Cup and as such teams, any of them would be missed if they failed to qualify for World Cup. Especially Argentina missing World Cup would be a huge bummer: how would FIFA give 2nd position to Messi if he weren’t even capable of qualifying his team?

Although the odds for Messi to win Golden Ball would still be pretty low at online sportsbooks in Argentina and it will be like that until the moment he retires. Will Argentina qualify for World Cup 2018? How about James and Colombia? Will they prove to be good enough to do so? Only time will tell. Till then, you better place your bets at the best online sports betting sites!

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