Bet on Pageants: Here are the Best Miss Finland 2017 Odds

Miss Finland 2017 odds

On October 1st, Finland will choose its most beautiful woman. The contenders for the Miss Finland 2017 title have the whole package: beauty, intelligence, and courage. If you’re interested in betting and pageants, make sure to check out the best Miss Finland 2017 odds below!

Adriana Gerxhalija
Adriana Gerxhalija (source: Pageant News)

Pageants are like sports: in order to succeed the contestants have to train, both physically and mentally. Hence, it’s only natural that betting on pageants is slowly but surely becoming a thing. At the same time, it’s relatively hard to find odds for these events, since pageant betting is still categorized as a novelty. If you appreciate Scandinavian beauty and you follow pageants, this is your lucky month. Unibet Sportsbook has released the best Miss Finland 2017 odds and your only job is to choose your winner.

One of the strongest contenders for the title is Adriana Gerxhalija (9/2), a 21 year-old model, who truly understands the “importance of being the true you.” Michaela Söderholm (3/1) is also among the bookie’s favorites, but Essi Unkuri (9/4) is the ultimate frontrunner at the moment. A bit lower on the list you’ll find Erika Maenpaa, a typical Scandinavian beauty, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Erika Maenpaa
Erika Maenpaa (source: Instagram)

At pageants, everything is possible. In 2017, pageants in Finland were highly publicized for all the wrong reasons. After the crowning of Miss Helsinki – Sephora Iklaba who was born in Nigeria – racist comments flooded Facebook. “Political correctness won. She’s damn ugly and not even from Finland,” complained a commenter. “It’s not that she’s black, it’s that she’s the least beautiful of all the entrants,” put another comment. As the saying goes, beauty is subjective. Take a look at Sephora on the picture below, and decide for yourself.

Sephora Iklaba
Sephora Iklaba (source: The Hollywood Unlocked)

Hopefully, the finale of Miss Finland 2017 will go down without racist outrages and personal attacks on 19-year-olds. If you’d like to join the excitement choose from the best Miss Finland 2017 odds, provided by Unibet Sportsbok, below!

Miss Finland 2017 Odds

Contestant Odds
Essi Unkuri 9/4
Michaela Söderholm 3/1
Adriana Gerxhalija 9/2
Hanna Kangasluoma 13/2
Pihla Koivuniemi 8/1
Tuuli Koskiaho 8/1
Erika Mäenpää 10/1
Beata Papp 12/1
Roosa Bäck 14/1
Jasmine Järvinen 20/1

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