WCQ Group H Special Bets: Find the Best Odds at 1xBET Sportsbook!

World Cup Qualification Results

Feel free to take a look at the best WCQ Group H special best at 1xBET Sportsbook. I have a weird feeling that you won’t regret!

Online sportsbook news sites in Belgium often write about interesting statistics and fun facts about football. Especially when the World Cup Qualifiers are going on. We can always find impressive statistics about our favourite teams and we can always be amazed or disgusted by their performances.

However, unfortunately for online sports bettors, it rarely happens that we are actually given the chance to bet on special football events. By that, I don’t mean betting on WCQ matches, but I mean more like betting on team statistics. That’s what we can find at 1xBET Sportsbook and possibly only at 1xBET Sportsbook. Check out the WCQ Group H special bets with us!

Will Bosnia finish in the top 2?

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been doing pretty well so far in the tournament. They are standing in the second position, being 1 point ahead of Greece. There are two more matches to be played. The next one will be against Belgium, and they will face Estonia in the last round. Greece is yet to play against Cyprus and Gibraltar…

It would be quite a surprise if Greece were incapable of claiming all 6 points in their upcoming 2 matches, so we should count on Greece to have collected a total of 19 points. Bosnia has 14 now. They have to beat both Estonia and Belgium if they are to participate in the World Cup 2018.

You can find 1.90 odds for Greece to finish in the top 2 and the odds are the same for Bosnia at the online sportsbook directory… I’d put my money on the Greek team this time, but you know, anything can happen. For example, Cyprus can beat Greece. Or Gibraltar can beat Greece. I wouldn’t put money on it but it is not impossible.

Bet on Belgium statistics!

WCQ Group H special bets don’t stop at this point. You can bet on many more! For example, Belgium have conceded only 3 goals so far in 8 matches. They are yet to play against Bosnia and Cyprus. Do you think they can keep their Conceded Goals statistics below 4,5? Bet on Belgium to concede at most 4 goals for 2.15.

You can also bet on the number of points they are to collect as well as the number of goals for Belgium to score. They count 22 points as of today. They are likely to claim 3 against Cyprus and if they will manage to seize at least one point from Bosnia, they can go above 25,5. The odds for this are 1.55. If you think they won’t exceed 25 points, the odds are 2.45.

You can also bet on Belgium to score more than 39,5 goals throughout the 10 WCQ matches. They are at 35 now so they’d need 5 more. The odds for this to happen are 1.95. And then again, they will play against Cyprus at home in the last round… Would you like to see more WCQ Group H special bets? Read the latest review about 1xBET Sportsbook and sign up for a new account at the site!

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