Bet on Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary to Resign in 2017

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The Ryanair scandal has reached a whole new level after Michael O’Leary cancelled Christmas. As per usual, when the drama is growing the odds start pouring in. It doesn’t matter whether you are affected, annoyed, or entertained by the mess; with a bet you can make the most of it. That being said, it’s time for your to bet on Ryanair, more specifically, on Michael O’Leary’s resignation.


Michael O’Leary became public enemy no.1 in a matter of 12 days. It all began with a few cancelled flights but there was no stopping there. He has single handedly ruined Christmas, by cancelling even more flights, affecting the lives of 750,000 people. When you look at the long face of Hayley and her friend Claire, over at Daily Mail, who were planning to spend an idyllic Christmas on the Canary Islands, you won’t be able to fight the avalanche of anger and hate. What’s next, Mr O’Leary?

What has happened was…

The first wave of cancellation was on September 15th. Ryanair announced that they have to cancel 50 flights per day over a period of six weeks, due to mismanagement of staff holidays. “We sincerely apologise,” said O’Leary, 12 days before cancelling 30 more routes. On the 27th of September, Ryanair pilots at 60 bases around Europe signed a letter that was sent to the management after O’Leary said that they’re “full of their own self importance.”  Meanwhile, the company is need of hundreds of pilots to keep on growing.


Bet on Ryanair

Bet on Ryan

Time for compensation

If passengers are given a five-week notice they are entitled to a full refund but no compensation. However, Ryanair decided to give a £40 voucher to all affected passengers. This gesture was turned into a meme that involves rolls of toilet paper and other goodies. At this moment, Ryanair and Mr O’Leary cannot do good. But you can; with a bet at 1xBet Sportsbook!

Bet on Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary to resign in 2017

With all this turmoil and public shaming of O’Leary there’s a chance that he’ll resign. Now, the only question is: when? Social media is flooded with #boycottryanair hashtags, mixed with posts calling for O’Leary to quit his post as the CEO of the company. If you think he should quit, make a bet on one of the odds below:

Michael O’Leary to resign in 2020 or later (73/200)

Michael O’Leary to resign in 2017 (3/1)

Michael O’Leary to resign in 2018 (10/1)

Michael O’Leary to resign in 2019 (12/1)

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