Bet on Salloi to Score against Portland Timbers

The odds on Daniel Salloi to score against Portland Timbers are +260 at Unibet Sportsbook. The Hungarian left-winger is in an amazing form, he’s netted 6 times in his last 5 matches. While Kansas City can definitely count on their youngster, they’ll also have to keep an eye on Portland’s Diego Valeri. We’re here to discuss why it’s reasonable to bet on Salloi and whether his team is likely to lift the trophy at the end of the season.

Daniel Salloi
Salloi celebrating his first Man of the Month title in Kansas with his sister (source: Instagram)

Hungarian youngster Daniel Salloi hit the headlines last weekend, when he’s managed to score a decisive, last minute goal against Salt Lake City. It was actually quite controversial, since he’s finished his chance with a “no-look shot.”

A debate has emerged whether he was being disrespectful or “cool”, but Kansas City fans obviously loved it. It’s no wonder, they are crazy about the left winger as he’s scored 21 goals in his 60 appearances for Sporting. But can he do it again next Saturday?

Yes! You should bet on Salloi to score

His next opponent will be Portland Timbers and the odds are +260 on Salloi to score against them on 24th November.  He’s scored 6 goals in his last 5 matches and with statistics like this we believe he definitely has a good chance to find the net against Portland as well. With his pace, it’s also quite possible that he’ll have the last laugh again by finishing a counter attack in the last few minutes. Salloi’s betting odds to score the last goal of the game are +700.

Salloi and Zlatan
One of them is now a key player of the MLS playoffs. The other one Zlatan Ibrahimovic. (Source: Instagram)

Do not waste your bet on Nemeth: he only netted 2 times in 30 appearances

Online sportsbook sites in the USA argue that Portland’s Diego Valeri will be the most likely player on the pitch to score as his odds are +123. From the away side, you should pay attention to Diego Rubin, his odds are +250 at Unibet Sportsbook.

Bookies argue that the other Hungarian forward, Krisztian Nemeth is the most dangerous man to play for Kansas City, but we wouldn’t bet on him to score. He’s only netted 2 times in 30 appearances since he’s made his return to the USA. Nemo has to sort himself out if he wants to compete with the best strikers in the MLS.

Portland are the favorites of the game

The odds on Portland Timbers to win the game are +138 which makes them the favorites. However, the two clubs are expected to play a head to head game, as the odds on Sporting Kansas City are +190 and +230 on a draw.

Unibet Sportsbook argues that the Timbers has are the less likely to win the playoffs (+400), and even the Kansas players have more chance to eventually lift the trophy (+275). While it’s Atlanta United who seem to be the favorites to become champions (+135), there are still matches to played. Who knows, if Salloi retains his form, maybe they could surprise Atlanta as well.

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