Bet on the Spanish General Election: 5 Parties to Compete in April

  • The new far-right party Vox are on the rise
  • Ciudadanos ended decades of two-party domination in 2015 election
spanish election
Five parties in Spain are preparing for a snap election on April 28 - the country’s third since late 2015.

Five parties in Spain are preparing for a snap election on April 28 – the country’s third since late 2015. The outcome looks unpredictable. No party is expected to get a majority of seats, but the far right is on the rise. When betting on the Spanish general election, you might think of choosing Ciudadanos or Vox to upset the odds and win most seats.

Internet sportsbook news in Spain reported a spread of populism and nationalism across the country. The far-right Vox and Ciudadanos might successfully seize the moment and upset the odds. However, the country is politically fragmented and no party is able dominate the scene.

When betting on the Spanish general election, you can choose the party to win most seats. You can also read our previous article to bet on the next Prime Minister of Spain.

Vox are on the rise

All roads in Spain seem to lead to Catalonia. The separatist movement in Catalonia has awakened the far-right, potentially bringing it back to the Parliament in Madrid for the first time in nearly four decades. The new far-right party called Vox are on the rise. In last December, they won 12 seats in Andalusia. The supporters are fueled by anti-immigration and anti-independence of Catalonia.

Predictions for Vox range from 16 to 46 seats out of 350, but the far-right party might surprise us and win more than that. If you think Vox will emerge as the biggest party in the Parliament, you can choose them with 26 odds when betting on the Spanish general election at 22Bet Sportsbook.

Ciudadanos ended the two-party system

The centre-right party Ciudadanos was found in Barcelona in 2006. In 2015, Ciudadanos successfully ended decades of two-party domination. In 2016, they obtained 13.1 percent of the votes and 32 seats. The popularity of Ciudadano stems from opposing the Catalan separatism similarly like Vox. Their young leader Albert Rivera is also very popular, and his charisma will probably bring about more seats for the party in this election.

Unidos Podemos suffer from divisions

The hard left party Unidos Podemos has been formed in 2014 in response to a near five-year economic slump during the financial crisis. They won 21 percent of the vote in the 2016 general election. However, this time they are struggling to present a united image and they are suffering from internal divisions. Therefore, we do not recommend betting on them to emerge as the biggest party in the Parliament.

PP were hit by corruption scandals in 2018

People’s Party (PP) have lost their grip on power after the former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was unseated in last June. The party faced a string of corruption scandals in 2018, and they are still trying to recover from that. In last election they won 33 percent of the vote. Yet in recent polls their popularity slipped down to 21 percent. Although PP have elected a new young leader Pablo Casado, it is hard to see them win most seats in April.

You can bet against People’s Party to win most seats with 1.445 odds. Just check our latest review about 22Bet Sportsbook.

Socialists remain the most popular

The Socialist Party remain the most popular party holding around 25 percent of the vote according to the recent polls. They are currently leading the government with their leader Pedro Sanchez becoming the Prime Minister in last June. However, online sportsbook news in Spain noted that Mr. Sanchez faced a major defeat when his national budget plan was rejected. Due to his failure, Mr. Sanchez had to call for a snap election, and his biggest threat will probably be the rise of the far-right wing.

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