Bet on a White Christmas in the UK in 2017

bet on a white Christmas in the UK 2017

Paddy Power Sportsbook has released their Weather betting odds so you can finally bet on a White Christmas in the UK. But before you do so, make sure to read some of the facts and stats below!

Christmases are not like the ones we used to know. Nowadays, a white Christmas counts as a miracle, which is rather sad if you think about it. To make it even worse, we have some bad news for people who think that two snowflakes count. ‘White Christmas’ has a scientific definition:

“Meteorologists define a white Christmas as one in which there is at least one inch of snow on the ground on Christmas morning.”

What does this mean? That a great percentage of your childhood memories about white Christmases are simply false. At the same time, the last two decades have been generous to people who like snowy holidays. “While there was widespread snow only once between 1971 and 1992, there have been six such occasions between 1993 and 2004,” stated The Guardian, in 2016.

Bet on White Christmas in the UK

The last, proper white Christmas in the UK was in 2010. Ever since then, the snow you saw on Christmas Day was just leftover from previous days. As for 2017, Metcheck has released their fabulous “Will I Get a White Christmas” predictor, which works for cities all round the world. We’ll take this site and check out the chances (as of now) for a White Christmas in the UK cities that are listed at Paddy Power Sportsbook: 25%. Yes there’s absolutely no need for tables or lists to organize this data. It appears that Paddy Power Sportsbook has a better source, probably Santa himself, as they were able to release (mostly) unique odds for exact same cities:

No. City Odds
1. Cardiff 6/1
2. Belfast 5/1
3. Cork 5/1
4. Birmingham 5/1
5. Dublin 5/1
6. London 4/1
7. Dundee 3/1
8. Manchester 7/2
9. Dundee 3/1
Bet on White Christmas in the UK

Whether the Christmas you are betting on is truly white, depends on wunderground.com. These odds applies only to “snow being recorded at the cities’ main international airport weather station on the 25th of December 2017. As you can see Dundee has the best odds for a white Christmas in 2017, but some of the other cities have great odds too. Place a bet today, or wait for more precise predictions, until the 24th of December!

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