Want to Bet on the Yankees Winning the 2017 World Series?

Posted: October 12, 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

US baseball fans can now head to Intertops Sportsbook to bet on the Yankees winning the 2017 World Series. Let’s take a look at the odds.


The New York Yankees haven’t found the same level of success they did a decade ago, but 2017 might be the year they once again earn the World Series championship. They’re looking great thus far in the playoffs and will only need to win one more series in order to enter the championship series.


Those looking to bet on the Yankees winning the 2017 World Series have some great odds, although this team is listed as a considerable underdog heading into the league championship series.


Most online sportsbooks in the US list them as a considerable underdog against the Astros in the upcoming series, but if they manage to win their odds will likely raise considerably in the World Series. Let’s take a look at their current odds to get the championship victory.


Yankees 2017 World Series odds

The New York Yankees looked phenomenal in a 3-2 series win over the Cleveland Indians, who were previously thought to be a favorite to win the Series. Off the heels of that victory, they now seem to have a real shot at making US gambling news
by winning their first World Series since 2009.


Of all the teams guaranteed a spot in the league championship series, the Yankees are the biggest MLB underdogs. Still, it might be worth making a bet on the Yankees to win the 2017 World Series as they hold some terrific odds right now at 4.75.


If you want to bet on the Yankees to win the 2017 World Series, make sure to head to Intertops Sportsbook. Tell us who you think gets the championship win this year in the comment section below!

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