Could Gokhan Saki Become a UFC Champion?

Gokhan Saki UFC champion

Could Gokhan Saki become a UFC champion? Let’s discuss that and his upcoming matchup with Khalil Roundtree.


The best kickboxer on the planet recently made his UFC debut and impressed the world with a first round KO over tough striker Henrique da Silva. He showed some real brilliance in his technique and proved he can hang in MMA, but could Gokhan Saki become a UFC champion?


That’s certainly up for debate. He’s just now entering into the MMA landscape and is now exactly young at 33 years of age. He certainly has the right mindset and knows what he needs to do in order to win fights, but some MMA betting experts feel he’ll have a hard time when faced against a top grappler.


Luckily for Saki, his next opponent is once again a striker, and he’ll have a great opportunity to earn his second straight victory in the UFC octagon. No online sportsbooks in the UK have set the odds for his bout yet, but we can speculate who will enter as the favorite.


Bet on Saki vs. Rountree

Khalil Rountree is a devastating striker with a 6-2 record in MMA. After two straight losses in the UFC, he seems to have found his groove with 2 straight knockout victories.


If Roundtree chooses to stand and strike with Saki, it’s possible that Gokhan can make UK gambling news
with the KO victory. For this reason, it seems likely that sites like Bet365 Sportsbook will list Saki as the MMA betting favorite with odds somewhere around 5/8. It seems possible that Rountree will enter as the MMA underdog with odds around 13/10.


Could Gokhan Saki become a UFC champion? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and head to Bet365 Sportsbook to find a complete list of 2017 MMA betting odds!

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