Bet on the Winner of Best Documentary Short at the 2019 Oscars

  • Choose “A Night at the Garden” to win Oscar Best Documentary Short
  • The nominees address fascist ideology, immigration, women’s health, health care, and racism
Bet on the Best Documentary Short at the 2019 Oscars

The Oscars 2019 is set for February 24th. In this preview we present to you the five contenders for Oscar Best Documentary (Short Subject). You should seriously think of betting on the winner of Best Documentary Short to be “A Night at the Garden”. It is short and plain-spoken, and it reminds us of the dark history of Nazism.

Internet sportsbook news in the United States noted that each of this year’s five contenders packs a timely issue at its heart:  the spread of fascist ideology, immigration, women’s health, health care, and racism. Interestingly the nominees share some similar features. They do not have chronicle stories, but they present one pivotal moment that puts entire country or a region in a search for no easy answers.

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“A Night at the Garden”

“A Night at the Garden” is offered by three-time Oscar nominee Marshall Curry. He takes us back to an event largely forgotten from the US history. An event that took place in 1939 when 20 thousand Americans rallied in New York’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism. In the footage Fritz Kuhn, the leader of the German American Bund takes the stage, urging his supporters to mistrust the media and free America from the influence of Jews.

The doc is entirely made from archival footage. It is the shortest of all nominees (only 7 minutes), and the one that adds the least amount of commentary. Should you bet on the winner of Best Documentary Short to be “A Night at the Garden”, the odds are +2800 at Bet365 Sportsbook.


This doc gives us a story that many have already heard of in big, but few have ever journeyed inside. It follows a German non-profit group dedicated to helping refugees fleeing Libya. The story (34 minutes long) dwells on a rescue mission in the Mediterranean sea. Although the filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald makes an admirable access, the final result in the doc is less inspiring. If you enjoy this doc the most, you can bet on it with +1400 to win the coveted award.

“End Game”

Two-time Oscar winner Rob Epstein reteams with his long-time directing partner Jeffrey Friedman. They take us to a pair of institutions San Francisco’s Zen Hospice Project and UCSF’s Palliative Care Program. In 40 minutes, they show us how these institutions simply do the work that is required to help those who are approaching the end of their lives. We get to know a number of patients who are all facing similar issues: what do they want to do when the end comes?

Many of the experiences are heartbreaking to the point of shock. Even so, Epstein and Friedman present them in a way that is both plain-spoken and respectful. “End Game” will get you in tears at least once, and that is why it has a good chance to win with +550 odds.   

“Period. End of Sentence”

This is the only nominated documentary that offers anything in the way of joy. “Period. End of Sentence”, 26 minutes, looks very effective as a short documentary, and it is easy to imagine.

The doc opens with a simple question, posed to some of the community’s residents in a  small village outside Delhi: what do you know about menstruation? Men don’t know, younger girls titter and giggle, and women deliver stories about how their periods irrevocably changed their lives. This doc is the second favourite at online betting sites in the United States with +175.

“Black Sheep”

“Black Sheep” (-138) follows a story of Cornelius Walker the black teenager who made friends with racists. After the killing of a 10-year-old boy of Nigerian descent in 2000, Cornelius Wlaker’s Nigerian mother fears that her sons could also be targeted. So she moves her family from London to Essex. In their new housing estate Cornelius finds out that he is surrounded with racists. Rather than fighting back, he decides to become more like the people who hate him.

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