Betclic Gets Slammed EUR 600k by the Belgian Gaming Commission

Posted: February 28, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

As Betclic prevails in its legal challenge with Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU), the French online gambling operator is not enjoying such luck in Belgium, where the Public Prosecution Office (PPO) has just seized EUR 600k in fines.

The PPO took the money saying that it was the product of unauthorized online gambling transaction with the local Belgian punters.

According to eGaming Review, the PPO acted after they were advised by financial institutions that the funds were connected with online gambling and were in violation of Belgian gambling laws.

What has essentially happened is that the online gambling site in France has failed to obtain a license from the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC), and for this reason, Betclic was placed on a blacklist of unauthorized betting operators.

Betclic gets slammed EUR 600k by Belgian authorities for breaking local licensing laws

The law in Belgium allows the BGC to fine unauthorized operators up to EUR 600k, with the chance to double that if the operator really pushes it.

It is also possible that Betclic’s board members could face prison time from six months to five years should the PPO decide that such action is warranted. Belgian players who also played on Betclic could be fined too.

Betclic will probably challenge the actions of the PPO on the grounds of the European Commission having expressed doubts concerning the legality of Belgium’s online gambling regime.

Out of all of the European countries, Belgium has been the harshest employing the rules and regulations of the online gambling markets.

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