The Newest Bets on Melania Trump: Divorce, Presidency, and the Plan


Posted: October 13, 2017

Updated: June 22, 2018

After a deeper look at three of the newest bets on Melania Trump you might discover something that shall be called The Melania Plan.

Update: Could it be that the Plan was re-scheduled to 2018?

Like her or not, Melania Trump is here to stay and her name will be immortalized forever. As the First Lady of the United States, the Slovenian beauty is forced to live her life in spotlight she never asked for; a life that is totally different from what she signed up for when marrying Donald Trump. If you follow the news and keep an eye on your social media feeds, you might have recognized the #SaveMelania and #SadMelania hashtags reappearing. People all around the world have recognized that something’s not right. The presidential couple is usually portrayed as happy and balanced as humanly possible. This tradition has seemingly ended with the Trump presidency. Trump’s treatment of Melania is raising millions of eyebrows on a regular basis.

Can you imagine Melania filing for a divorce and leaving Trump, the White House, and the burdens behind? Once again, 1xBet Sportsbook seems to know something we don’t:<

No. Event Odds
1. Melania to leave Trump in 2017 16/1
2. Melania to run for presidency against Trump in 2020 200/1
3. Melania to be deported in 2017 66/1
Newest Melania Trump Bets
Melania planning (illustration)
source: Twitter @MelaniaTruump

Now, the table above looks just like any other table with events and odds. But, what if we exchange the second and third event? We get a story: Melania divorces Donald Trump in 2017 so she’s deported from the US. In 2020 she miraculously returns, just to run for presidency as a revenge on her ex-husband. Sounds like an uplifting movie. Sounds exactly like a plan. The Melania Plan. Another look at the odds will reveal, that the chance for Melania to be deported is the lowest out of the three. If we ignore that event – because of the bad odds – the plan is even more likely, since Melania will be in the US, therefore she can easily prepare and run a successful campaign. Obviously, this is only a guess game. Some may ask: why would Melania run for presidency if she doesn’t like the spotlight that comes with being First Lady. The answer is: to show everybody that she’s not some doll. Melania can succeed on her own.

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