Betting on Cori Gauff’s WTA rankings Is a Good Short Term Investment

In light of her recent successes, it seems increasingly safer to bet on Cori Gauff’s WTA rankings to be much, much better than most players of her age can hope for

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Will Cori Gauff be the new Serena Williams?

The 14-year-old Cori “Coco” Gauff is being called the new Serena Williams. In fact, her achievements are so impressive that online betting sites in France are already offering bets on Cori Gauff’s WTA rankings.

Of course, she is not ranked in the Top 100 just yet. According to, Cori has merely 6 points in the WTA race. That is because the “Capriati Rule” limits the number of tournaments girls can enter before their 18th birthday.

The rule was introduced after the widely publicized burnout of Jennifer Capriati, one of the most talented tennis prodigies of all time. After her early successes, extreme pressure led Capriati to suicidal thoughts and a number of other issues. As a response, the WTA decided to protect young female athletes with introducing the rule in 1994. (Controversially enough, the restrictions do not apply to boys.)

Still, the limitations do not make it completely impossible for girls to be ranked among the best. As a matter of fact, in 1997, Martina Hingis even became the world No. 1 at the age of 16. The rule has been updated since then and nowadays it is even harder for young players to accumulate points. Consequently, online sportsbook sites in France are not necessarily expecting Cori to break Hingis’ record. But they are nevertheless predicting a very quick rise in the rankings for her.

Types of bets on Cori Gauff’s WTA rankings

At Unibet Sportsbook, there are two categories in which gamblers can place money on the prodigy. The safer option is her being ranked in the WTA Top 100 before she turns 17. The offered returns are 3.50 for a “yes” and 1.30 for a “no.”

One can also bet on Cori to climb among the Top 10 before her 19th birthday. This is the bolder choice, as the odds are 7.00 for a “yes” and 1.09 for a “no.” So exactly what achievements inspire tennis fans to bet on Cori’s upsetting the official betting odds?

Signs that Cori deserves a spot among the greatest tennis players

Cori caught the attention of wider audiences when she became the youngest ever to reach the US Open Girls’ Finals. She continues to impress: a few days ago, she won the Girls’ French Open. The moves she displayed there indicate that she has what it takes to beat adult champions. noted that Cori displayed “all the skill shots that can indicate a player’s talent” from the short angle crosscourt forehand to the slice backhand and the leaping swing volley. The only trouble she had, the site cheekily reports, was with “getting the plastic off her new racquet.”

It is equally important that Cori seems to have gotten used to pressure at big games. “I remember being nervous at the US Open where I couldn’t really play,” said Cori when recalling the final against Amanda Anisimova. There was indeed a huge amount of pressure on her.

Some say that while limited tournament play is supposed to protect youngsters, they actually feel more stressed when they do qualify as that is perceived as their only shot.

Luckily, the US Open Finals experience, Cori suggests, taught her to better deal with pressure at Roland Garros. Hearing about that mental preparedness is reassuring because it is of key importance both in winning future titles and in avoiding burnout. Indeed, nobody wants her to retire prematurely and go through what Capriati went through.

If you agree that the prodigy is here to stay in the world of tennis and the 3.50 or 7.00 returns look tempting to you, don’t wait too much with betting on Cori Gauff’s WTA rankings. The bet at Unibet Sportsbook is open only until June 30.

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