Reasons Why Betting on Underdogs Is Profitable For Punters

  • Why should you bet on underdogs in sports?
  • Types of non-favorites that will guarantee you a profit
betting on underdogs

Betting on underdogs is always riskier than supporting obvious favorites but it is also profitable. There are several types of underdogs in sports or other kinds of competition – some of them are worth attention, some not. In this guide, we will explain why you should try wagering on non-favorites at least once.

While betting on sports, politics, or any other event at online sportsbooks in Portugal, what odds do you choose? Do you bet on the favorite or prefer supporting underdogs? According to professional punters, betting on underdogs using money lines and spread lines that offer value is better than picking winners. Depending on the type of underdogs, wagering money on them can bring great profit. Let’s see how it works.

Two types of underdogs worth betting on: home and road outsiders

If you decide to bet on estimated outsiders of any football match or sports competition, pay attention to the type of underdog. Punters say, there are two types of underdogs worth wagering on: home and road underdogs.

In sports, home underdogs are teams or individuals competing on their home field. They are punters’ favorite type of dark horses: even if they are not expected to win, they can always surprise you. Thanks to domestic stadium vibes, home football teams are more likely to exceed expectations and win. So, betting on the UCL outsiders makes sense when they play in their home country – confirm this theory at FanTeam Sportsbook!

betting on underdogs
Let’s bet!

Another type, i.e. road underdogs, are teams or athletes who play on their rival’s or neutral territory. Betting on underdogs like them is riskier as even the best clubs usually play worse on the new field. However, wagering on them makes sense as bookmakers consider all these factors and they affect the lines. It means that betting on non-favorites to win on the foreign field can bring you much more money than wagering on them to win at home. 

Betting on underdogs vs betting on favorites

Of course, there is a third type of teams competing in a championship you want to bet on. They are the favorites. At online gambling sites in Portugal, favorites of the match or game usually have the best odds that guarantee you the minimum winnings in case of making a successful bet. Sometimes, you can even get less than you wager if the favorite is obvious and outruns all its rivals by all odds and lines.

As the aim of most bettors is to make money at sportsbooks, it is reasonable to try betting on underdogs. Consider all the lines, over/under, and odds to bet on the strongest outsiders. Learn also how to benefit from losing bets in case of making mistakes at the start.

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