How Can You Get Bonuses For Losing Bets?


Posted: October 26, 2020

Updated: October 26, 2020

  • What should you do in case of losing money on a wrong bet?
  • Claim for bonuses and benefit from your mistakes at 22BET!

Do you know that you can get bonuses for losing bets? Some betting and sportsbook sites turn unsuccessful bets into another opportunity to win. Learn how you can get your money back after making a wrong choice. 

Betting on sports or other events is like swinging on a swing – today you win and tomorrow you lose. Even if a punter is quite successful in making predictions and betting analysis, he also knows how it feels to lose money on the wrong bets. However, this is not a problem if one knows how to benefit from losing bets. Let’s see how you can turn your mistakes into a bigger profit at online sportsbooks in Sweden.

Best ways to get bonuses for losing bets

What can be better than knowing that your money won’t be lost in case of failed betting? As the aim of sports wagering is primarily to make a profit, picking wrong odds one by one can empty your budget faster. Also, it affects mood badly. Luckily, you can stop worrying about it as some online gambling sites in Sweden will compensate for your expenses. 

get bonuses for losing bets
Let’s bet!

There are three most widespread ways to get bonuses for losing bets.

  1. Get free bets after your first lost bet at the sportsbook. Some betting sites give away possibilities to make money-free bets if it is your first fail after signing up for the sportsbook;
  2. Receive bonuses themselves. Undoubtedly, the most popular way to benefit from failed betting is to get bonuses for a series of losing bets. Sportsbooks like Megapari and 22Bet offer such perks for punters, so let’s see how it works;
  3. Being compensated with money. This way of getting bonuses for failed bets is difficult to find, but there are sportsbooks that offer such an option during holiday promotions. By the way, don’t miss the chance to use the best Halloween bonuses in 2020 until October 31 exclusively!

What sportsbooks to bet at to benefit from losing?

Probably, the best betting site that rewards punters for lost bets is the 22Bet Sportsbook. The site offers different bonuses for users who fail to guess the outcome frequently. You can find them in the BONUS section at 22Bet. Meanwhile, let’s see what they look like.

22Bet Sportsbook offers three types of bonuses for a series of 20 lost bets.

  • The first one is about getting 3000 bonus points for a bet of at least $2;
  • Another one offers 6000 bonus points for a minimum of $5 bets that lost;
  • The best one includes 10000 bonus points for bets of $10 minimum.

If you have made a series of failed bets and they meet all the requirements, contact the support at 22Bet Sportsbook official website and claim your reward! The chance to win money after losing them has never been closer.

You can discover more about 22Bet Sportsbook here.

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