Baseball Run Line Betting Explained


Posted: October 26, 2020

Updated: October 26, 2020

  • What is a run line betting in baseball and how to use it?
  • Try to wager following new rules and win more than usual

Do you bet on baseball competitions frequently? If the answer is yes, then it’s better to learn how to improve your betting success in this popular sports game. Today, you have everything about baseball run line betting explained.

If you bet on baseball games or plan to start doing it, you need to know what run line betting is. When wagering on this sports game at online gambling sites in Canada, you will see three basic options: the money line, over/under, and run line.

Since everything is clear about over/under betting and money line bets are also explained, let’s focus on the third betting option. Let’s see what run line betting is and how to use it when you choose odds on baseball teams/individuals.

Run line betting explained: what is it?

As one of three standard betting options at sportsbooks, a run line is as important to learn about as money line and over/under. As you know, money line betting is wagering money on a team or player who is expected to win. Over/under betting makes punters decide whether the game will finish with more/fewer runs than bookmakers indicate. What is the run line?

run line betting explained
Let’s play!

The run line is an alternative to point spread betting in terms of baseball betting. While using it to bet on a team or a player, you bet on its/his margin of victory or defeat that usually varies from -1.5 to +1.5. Basically, it allows punters to wager on favorites to beat underdogs by more than a run or not. It is quite widely used to make an additional profit at online sportsbooks in Canada.

Examples of run line betting

Having a run line betting explained is very useful for baseball fans as it helps to improve their payouts. If you haven’t used it before, here are some examples of how run lines work.

Let’s suppose that we have Team A and Team B competing against each other with the following money lines and run lines:

Team A +120 +1.5 (-170)
Team B -130 -1.5 (+150)

In case of betting on the outsider – Team B – to win, a punter has to wager $13.10 to get back $10 if the team wins. However, if the punter will bet on Team B to win by more than a run, a bet of $10 is enough to win $15. It is quite risky, but it brings much better winning money in baseball betting.

Where to bet on baseball? 

To try betting on baseball following the new rules, we recommend signing up for 1xBET Sportsbook. There are numerous competitions you can wager money on. This week, you have the option to support USA MLB teams or one of the competitors in the Japanese NPB. The odds update once the previous game comes to the end, so follow 1xBET to win money from baseball betting on daily basis.

Three basic options – money line, over/under, and run line – are also available at the most popular sportsbook in the world. So, here you have baseball run line betting explained – learn it by heart and win more than ever!

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