2021 Korisliiga Betting Predictions: Finland’s Premier Basketball League


Posted: October 26, 2020

Updated: October 26, 2020

  • Kauhajoki lead the title race for the 2021 Korisliiga League title
  • Helsinki Seagulls seek first Korisliiga league victory
  • Underdogs Korihait look to end trophy drought

Korisliiga is back for another season of premier league basketball in Finland. According to our 2021 Korislliga betting predictions, Kauhajoki are frontrunners for this season’s win. However, the title favourites will need to be mindful of Helsinki Seagulls who are close on their heels. 

The 2020/2021 Korisliiga season will run from 13 October 2020 to 27 January 2021. Currently, our 2021 Korisliiga betting predictions have labelled Kauhajoki as the top title contenders. According to 888sport, this is how their winning chances stand against some of the 2021 title hopefuls:

  • Kauhajoki 2.70
  • Helsinki Seagulls 3.00
  • Ura Basket 101.00
  • Korihait 121.00

Our 2021 Korisliiga betting predictions foresee a Kauhajoki league victory

Currently, Kauhajoki leads the 2021 Korisliiga title with favourable odds of winning on the online sportsbooks in Finland. They started the new season off on the back of two Korisliiga league titles from the 2018 and 2019 season. Now, they go in search of their third league victory.

Fortunately, our 2021 Korisliiga betting predictions say that Kauhajoki is a shoo-in to win the title this season. Consequently, with leading odds of winning at 2.70, the two-time champions will be a safe bet on 888sport.

One of their players to keep an eye on this season will be their new signing Collin Malcolm. So far, the forward is proving to be an asset the club and is currently among the season’s top points scorers.

Helsinki Seagulls likely to challenge Kauhajoki for the 2021 victory

According to our Korisliiga betting predictions, Helsinki Seagulls could potentially end Kauhajoki’s 2021 title dreams. Currently, they are second-favourites for the title with odds at 3.00 on 888sport. However, unlike the current league frontrunners, the Helsinki Seagulls will go in search of their first league victory.

2021 Korisliiga betting predictions
Let’s play!

Last season, the club recorded an impressive performance with 60 points from 36 games (30 wins, 6 losses). Now, they are hoping to build upon their impressive 2019/2020 season performance in hopes of securing their first league title.

Fortunately, they can look to their new signings to boost their title-winning chances such as forward Wayne Martin. The American has already proven his worth to the club as one of their and the top league’s points scorers.

2018 Korisliiga debutants Ura Basket unlikely to make their mark this season

This season, Ura Basket will be among the teams looking to get their hands on the 2021 Korisliiga title. According to the online sportsbook news in Finland, Ura Basket is still fairly new to the premier basket league. They made their Korisliiga debut in the 2018/2019 season.

However, they’ve failed to make an impact in the league recording consecutive bottom three finishes. Now, our 2021 Korislliiga betting predictions say they’re likely to record another poor performance this season. Currently, Ura Basket is among this season’s teams with lowest chances of winning.

Consequently, they’ll be among the riskier clubs to bet on with odds at 101.00 on 888sport.

Korihait likely to continue their Korisliiga trophy drought according to our 2021 Korisliiga betting predictions

Currently, Korihait has the lowest odds of winning the 2021 Korisliiga title on the online sportsbooks in Finland. The club were Korisliiga champions in 1990. Now, they’ll be looking to once again experience league victory.

However, our 2021 Korisliiga betting predictions have labelled Korihait a risky bet with odds stacked against them at 121.00. However, you shouldn’t rule out the club just yet. Despite their unfavourable odds of winning on 888sport, several of their players have so far recorded top league performances.

After three games, Trey Zeigler and Bo Zeigler are among the league’s top points scorers. Consequently, with the season far from ending, the duo could potentially be crucial in ending the club’s trophy drought.

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