Betway Offers Charity Support Services to EFDS

Betway Charity is fundraising for the English Federation of Disability Sport

Betway Sportsbook offers its charity support services to English Federation of Disability Sport.

According to UK gambling news, the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) and Betway Sportsbook has reached an agreement. According to the new deal, charity sporting events in 2016 will be executed by the famous online sports betting provider as they will offer their charity support services.

Charity support services will be provided throughout the entire year

The first one in the row of charity support services provided by Betway will take place later this week, when Betway employees will race in the Silverstone Half Marathon. Betway workers will compete voluntarily, in hopes of raising charity funds to EFDS. Online gambling sites in the UK report that Betway CEO Richard Akitt stated that he was really proud to be able to offer charity support services to EFDS.

Betway Sportsbook is generous not only towards the EFDS and it must not be just some kind of a marketing propaganda. Check out the Betway Sportsbook Review and see that they also care about the well-being of their customers as well. Check out their bonuses and promotions and start playing at one of the most famous sports betting providers in the UK!

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