10 Things More Likely Than a Perfect March Madness Bracket


Posted: March 11, 2016

Updated: March 11, 2016

Maybe you will never be able to fill out a faultless bracket, but you shouldn’t be too sad about that. Here is our list of 10 things more likely than a perfect March Madness bracket!

Filling out a perfect bracket for March Madness has been bothering college basketball fans since forever. Yet everyone has been unsuccessful as nobody ever managed to predict all the 63 games correctly in recorded history. That’s not a surprise, your odds for this at
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 are pretty high. People still try every time they have the chance. Let’s see what the things more likely than a perfect March Madness bracket are! Maybe you should put some effort into making some of these things come true as well… not all though!

10. Become an astronaut at NASA

Was becoming an astronaut always your childhood dream, yet you were too scared to try and realize it because everyone kept telling you it was impossible? That you shouldn’t try because you would never succeed? And now you’re aiming for the perfect March Madness bracket? Well maybe you want to reconsider your childhood dream, your odds are far better: last time NASA opened an application, there were 6,300 applicants and 8 of them were chosen. That means 1 out of 787,5 applicants get accepted. You don’t even want to know the percentage for picking a perfect bracket for March Madness…

9. Become a professional basketball player in the NBA

It must be another childhood dream that many of us failed to make come true. Yet, it is still one of the things more likely than a perfect March Madness bracket. However, if we can’t predict all the NCAA games perfectly, then maybe we should just try to become the new stars of the NCAA tournament. 1 out of every 31 12th grade players make it to the NCAA and 1 out of every 365 NCAA players make it to the NBA. That means one out of every 3249 12th grade players can debut in the highest level.

8. Be dealt a Royal Flush in poker

Are you a poker player? Then you must know what a great deal it is to get a poker or a royal flush dealt to you. It’s something that doesn’t happen too often, you’re very well aware of that, right? To be more exact, your chances of being dealt a Royal Flush are one to 650,000. Still far better than the odds for perfect March Madness bracket! If this gives you confidence, you might want to check out our site of the best online poker rooms in the US to start playing now!

7. Getting hit by lightning

Maybe you shouldn’t try to make this one come true, but you must realize that your chances of getting hit by lightning are far better than your odds for perfect March Madness bracket…or, in this case, your chances are worse, one might say. According to National Geographic’s research, an average US citizen has one to 700,000 chances of getting hit by lightning. That’s another one for the list of things more likely than a perfect March Madness bracket.

6. Dating a supermodel

Dating a supermodel is not much of a childhood dream, it’s more general among daydreamer teenagers with far more hormones than they can handle. However, if you still hope to hook up with a supermodel, you either want to become a celebrity, a billionaire or a professional athlete. If none of those interest you, then hope in mathematics: you have more or less one to 880,000 chances of dating a supermodel, assuming that every American has the same chances at each supermodels. You see the problem with this calculation, right?

5. Getting attacked by sharks

Ever been to the sea, thinking that you are going to die at this very moment? Crosses my mind every time I go swimming to the sea – that’s one of the reasons why I never go there. If the thought did cross your mind, you might decide never to visit the beach too: Your odds for getting attacked by sharks are one to 3,748,067. However, your chances are far better if you decide to live your life on the land…no shark attack happened there yet. Except for the movie Sharknado.

4. Becoming US President

Are you a devoted anarchist? You can see that the country is going down, the economy is failing you and all the people of America and you’re sure you could do much better than any politicians in the game? Even so, you’re a big fan of House of Cards and you already know everything about politics thanks to the Netflix series? Try your luck, it is your right to become politically active! And you have one to 10,000,000 chance of moving into the White House. The nation counts on you, don’t fail us!

3. Giving birth to quintuplets

Okay, let’s be honest, if you’re a man, your chances are not too good for this one. I’m not too much of a sexist but I think we can all agree on this. That immediately excludes half of Earth’s population. Yet your chances are still better than filling out a perfect bracket: to give birth to quintuplets, your chances are one to 60 million!

2. A vending machine falling on you and killing you

If you ever filled out a March Madness bracket, hoping for a perfect match, then you must have deathly fear every time you approach to a vending machine. Did you know that these monsters kill 2 people every year on average? Discovery News revealed these horrible beasts are far more dangerous than we thought. Your chances of getting killed by a vending machine are one to 112 million. I think we all had better staying away from vending machines…

1. A meteorite destroys your house

Ever watched Michael Bay’s Armageddon and thought “Wow, what if this really happened”? Well, I don’t think you should worry too much about meteorites, but you still have better chances of your house getting destroyed by a meteorite than filling a perfect March Madness bracket. The surface of the Earth is around 500,000,000 square km. Assuming that the meteorite can hit anywhere, and counting an average house to be 200 square meters long, the chances of it destroying our house exactly are 0,0002 / 500,000,000, which is one to 4,000,000,000,000. Still one of the things more likely than a perfect March Madness bracket!

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