Beware Passwords, Retina Scan is Coming!

Fujitsu smartphone has iris scanning

Are iris-scanning smartphones going to be the newest craze? Fujitsu definitely hopes so.

Online sportsbooks users will no doubt love this new feature of smartphones soon to be launched by the largest Japanese mobile phone carrier, NTT Docomo.
Fingerprint scanning will soon be replaced by iris scanning. This is a safer method, since our irises are not as prone to change as our fingerprints.

According to gambling news, the smartphone made by Fujitsu will use an infrared LED and a unique camera to capture an image of our irises. The very smart phone will be able to identify the special pattern embedded in our eyes, which is virtually impossible to falsify.

Iris scanners are prone to the same flaws as fingerprint scanners

Tech reviews showed that with very high quality images, however, the scanners can be deceived. Iris scanning can prove to be an effective way to protect what’s dearest, especially since most passwords are easily hacked. Another problem is that often people do not remember the important codes.

This function could be great for mobile betting sites: the level of security will grow and dangers of user account manipulation will diminish. Fujitsu said that their scanner will be much faster than ones doing facial recognition. Demonstrations showed that it took just a couple of seconds for the recognition to work.

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