Biathlon Betting Bonanza Brings Back Bond’s Best Battle

Biathlon Betting Bonanza

The Winter Olympics creep ever closer like a North Korean sabotage squad in snow camouflage and a quick look at the odds available for a bit of Biathlon betting at online gambling sites like BetVictor shows you that this is going to be “The Spy Who Loved Me” all over again with one guy out ahead of the pack being chased down all the way to the finish. The question is; Will they catch Martin Fourcade or is he destined for gold in PyeongChang? We take a look.

  • Will Martin Fourcade continue his dominance? Those 5/4 odds seem to think so.
  • Can Johannes Boe beat those 7/4 odds and upset the master on the day?
  • Could Tarjei Boe be the brother that takes the gold at 14/1?
  • Does anyone else stand a chance of a medal??

Famously it was Roger Moore who portrayed the British secret agent James Bond in the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” where in the opening scenes he escapes downhill on skis from a KGB ambush in the Austrian mountains. Naturally Bond escapes his pursuers and goes on drive underwater in a Lotus with Barbara Bach, and whilst they were mere henchmen Martin Fourcade, the favorite in the Men’s 10km Pursuit has to be entering into the Biathlon betting that Olympic athletes will fare no better.

Whilst you can watch the Biathlon betting it will contain dozens of men armed with highly accurate rifles “pursuing” each other on skis in colour-coded outfits, it might be there that the similarities with Bond’s exploits end, as there is unlikely to be a cliff on the course, and nor will (unless things get utterly out of hand) they shoot at each other. That said the bookies definitely think there will be one man out in front and if you’re going to bet on sports in South Korea this winter, he’s one to back.

Bet on Biathlon

Johannes Boe (source: Youtube)

Bond Had A Parachute, Fourcade Won’t Need One

Bet on Biathlon

Jakov Fak

Martin Fourcade’s record is impressive. Six World Cup titles, 11 gold medals at the World Championships (with another dozen silver and bronze medals) and four medals from the Olympics, two silver, two gold. To say he’s the man you have to beat in Men’s biathlon is an understatement. He almost IS Men’s biathlon. Indeed any biathlon betting you might be tempted to do over the course of the games this February that doesn’t include him is highly ill-advised, something the odds make clear.

It’s not just that sites like BetVictor give him just 5/4 on their Biathlon betting books it’s that his rivals garner such distant alternatives. Johannes Boe has been thwarted several times this season by the man himself and so only gets around 7/4 if you’re lucky, and Tarjei Boe starts the rapid descent into sheer madness at 14/1, and he’s in Bronze medal position. No one in South Korea gambling news of Fourcade’s third gold medal will surprise the waiting world has any sense, it’s almost inevitable.

Do All Your Biathlon Betting At BetVictor

Of course it is this inevitability that makes it hugely watchable. James Bond should be gunned down in seconds in an ambush organized by professionals, but he isn’t, and Martin Fourcade should stroll this, but he just might not have it all his own way, and it is why Biathlon betting this Winter Olympics is not just a matter of plumping your wad on the shortest odds known to man and taking the small winnings, as Olympic upsets are ten-a-penny, and if ever there were a race where it might happen, this is it.

The Brothers Boe have been chasing the guy for years, the conditions are set to be tricky according to the weather forecasters and it only takes one bad stop at the range to change an entire race. Martin Fourcade then is the obvious biathlon betting choice, but if you’re going to take advantage of South Korean gambling laws you just might want to bung a few bob on one of the Boe’s as at those odds at least if there’s an upset for the master of the biathlon you’ll watch your bank roll get boosted a bit.

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